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Automation era: The necessary skills for the new IT jobs of the future

Co- Founder Rishbabh Kaul highlights the need for upskilling through the certification courses higher for the experienced employees than the fresh graduates

Only 7% of women reach the C-suite at Indian IT companies

Why women are not found to be working on path-breaking technologies? The recent study done by Belong reveals why the gender ratio gets further skewed at senior levels and in specialized engineering roles.

The skills shortage

There is an increasing demand for skills such as AI, IOT, data science in not just IT but also banking, retail hospitality and other industries says Co-Founder Rishabh Kaul.

Want to be the smartest techie who earns over a crore? This is what you should focus on right now!

Indian IT professionals start their careers with great expectations and big dreams. Not all make it to the ”top”.

TCS is quietly transforming itself to take on India emerging tech scene

While the Indian IT industry has gone into turmoil owing to creeping automation, Belong’s TSI sheds light on the new skills organisations should focus on to recalibrate their strength and focus

A reskilling programme on steroids

With AI and IOT skills disrupting the tech industry, co-founder Rishabh Kaul talks about why reskilling is the need of the hour for employees irrespective of their level of experience.

Belong - In Hot Pursuit of Talent

Belong Expert Solutions presents companies with domain specific end-to-end hiring support that they can use for all their recruitement needs.

Upskill to beat IT gloom

A study undertaken by Belong indicates that in 2017, IOT and Data Science are in high demand, providing companies with direction in revamping their hiring efforts.

How Sudheendra Chilappagari Is Finding The Working Class A Place Where They Belong

Co- Founder Sudheendra believes people are not defined by their designation and this is reflected in Belong, a company that aims to help organizations hire passionate talent to build amazing teams.

Your online persona can land you a job where you Belong

Social media is increasingly becoming a primary source to find talent with outbound hiring proving to be the most effective method to leverage this

Tech firms face a huge gap in hunt for skilled staffers

Belong’s Talent Supply Index demonstrates how organisations can tackle talent shortage and actively sell themselves in this candidate-driven market

How Belong Is Helping Recruiters With Its AI Tools

Recruiters today have limited time to go through resumes, making the hiring process cubersome. Belong's AI tools help automate the hiring process and make recruiters' lives easier.

This predictive hiring platform puts you where you truly Belong

The journey from manually matching candidates to automating the process of discovering talent, Belong shows the new way organisations can engage high-impact talent through data science and predictive analytics.

Forbes 30 Under 30 in Enterprise Technology

Forbes 30 under 30 honors the most promising entrepreneurs in the global enterprise Technology space. Co-founfer Sudheendra Chillappagari is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in this for the year 2017.

Amidst layoffs, these startups are lending a positive outlook to hiring

Because no organisation can grow without the right talent, hence Belong believes in giving a holistic experience to their employees to inculcate a sense of ownership.

Can India supply her companies with Artificial Intelligence talent?

Co-Founder Rishabh Kaul highlights how the shortage of talent is further exacerbated by the global blurring of lines between tech and non-tech industries.

A tale of professional match-making

In this $1-billion recruitment market, Belong's SaaS based model has disrupted the traditional recruitment space by shifting the focus from merely hiring to ‘belong-ing’.

Indian Startups Raised $30 Million Last Week

Belong is listed among the eleven Indian Startups who together saw investments worth $30 million from angel investors and venture capitalists.

Getting Enterprises to be future-ready with their talent strategy

In a market where candidates expect a stellar experience, co-founder Rishabh Kaul explains the ways in which companies can attract and retain the best talent through the right kind of nurturing and personalization.

Initiatives launched by corporates to support women at workplace

On the occasion of women’s day, co-founder Rishabh Kaul talks about ‘Belong for diversity’ and the enormous scope for a solution like this, alongside HR leaders of organisations like PayPal, Mphasis, Vodafone, Simplilearn and Amazon.

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