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India's tryst with artificial intelligence is here already.

India churns out 1.5 million engineers a year, but has struggled with producing talent with relevant skill sets. Belong helps understand this talent pool better with the help of their Talent Supply Index (TSI).

It will be a Happy New Year for Artificial intelligence and robotics experts in 2018

Only 4% of AI professionals in India have worked on cutting-edge technologies such as deep learning and neural networks, the key ingredients in building advanced AI-related solutions - Rishabh Kaul, Co-founder, Belong.

How Belong is leading the Talent Landscape by building data driven capabilities

Co-Founder Rishabh Kaul highlights that candidate behaviour has changed radically as high-performing and in-demand talent don’t apply for jobs, but pick up opportunities through known networks and connections.

Build a Candidate Journey Map to recruit the right leader

From employer branding to the power of personalization, to using social media and email as channels to engage with their audience, some of the most powerful recruitment tactics have been borrowed from marketing. That’s why it makes sense that recruitment should also look at creating candidate journeys on the same lines as customer journeys.

Inactive on social media? 57% of recruiters will not hire you

A recent survey shows that 17 per cent of recruiters might not hire a candidate who is too active on social media.At the same time, it also found that 57 per cent wouldn't hire a social media ghost. "Social media amplifies what you do or believe. It is a reflection of your personal brand" says Rishabh Kaul, Co-founder, Belong.

Meet The New Builders

According to Belong’s CTO Vinodh Kumar Ravindranath, there are more than 4,000 job openings for product managers. But who would make the cut? To find out, Belong analysed the educational qualifications of 15,000 product managers in tech firms as well as the hiring pattern of companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft over the last four years.

MNCs & Product Cos are leading the open source movement in India

Contributing code to the open source world is regarded increasingly as a badge of honour. Yet, research by Belong indicates that Indian IT services companies lag in embracing the open source code culture.

Belong extends their AI-based hiring platform for sales and marketing

The Bengaluru-based recruitment startup, Belong expands its recruiting solution to assist companies in hiring right professionals for sales and marketing roles across various industries.

Belong introduces AI-based hiring for sales and marketing roles

Belong has introduced a first of its kind algorithm that can assist companies in hiring quality professionals for sales and marketing roles across technology, hospitality, FMCG, pharma, insurance and finance.

Tech Firms Have Only 26 Per Cent Women In Engineering Roles: Survey

Belong survey looked at all tech companies in the country and found that there is one woman engineer as against three men engineers, leading to the fact that the Indian technology industry has just 26 per cent women in engineering roles.

Human Resources gets an AI Jeeves

Artificial Intelligence not only takes the tedium out of routine HR tasks, but also handles them more efficiently. Vijay Sharma, CEO of Belong, talks about AI getting a Wodehousian upgrade in the world of recruitment.

Most open source software coders on GitHub from product firms

A survey by talent acquisition start-up Belong noted that around 67% of the top 200 contributors work for companies with less than 200 employees

Most open-source software code writers from product firms

Belong report highlights that while women take up 26 per cent of tech jobs in India, the percentage of women active on open-source is just 6 per cent.

How artificial intelligence is reshaping recruitment, and what it means for the future of jobs

In the networked digital era, amid proliferation of smart devices and surge of Big Data, AI is the new battleground that is roiling multiple sectors, disrupting companies and stoking new rivalries. AI will also dramatically change the way candidates seek work and employers discover them.

Automation era: The necessary skills for the new IT jobs of the future

Co- Founder Rishbabh Kaul highlights the need for upskilling through the certification courses higher for the experienced employees than the fresh graduates

Only 7% of women reach the C-suite at Indian IT companies

Why women are not found to be working on path-breaking technologies? The recent study done by Belong reveals why the gender ratio gets further skewed at senior levels and in specialized engineering roles.

The skills shortage

There is an increasing demand for skills such as AI, IOT, data science in not just IT but also banking, retail hospitality and other industries says Co-Founder Rishabh Kaul.

Want to be the smartest techie who earns over a crore?

Indian IT professionals start their careers with great expectations and big dreams. Not all make it to the ”top”.

TCS is quietly transforming itself to take on India emerging tech scene

While the Indian IT industry has gone into turmoil owing to creeping automation, Belong’s TSI sheds light on the new skills organisations should focus on to recalibrate their strength and focus

A reskilling programme on steroids

With AI and IOT skills disrupting the tech industry, co-founder Rishabh Kaul talks about why reskilling is the need of the hour for employees irrespective of their level of experience.

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