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Rest API
Rest API

Perfect for people who

Have core skills like Java, Microservices, Micro-Services, Docker, Kubernetes etc.
Have previously worked in companies like Sapientnitro, Sapient Consulting, Sapient Global Markets.
Are looking to work in large enterprises
Value gender diversity of their company as a culture


  About opportunity

A Recognized Leader by Industry Analysts

  • BEST-IN-CLASS: Digital Marketing
  • BEST-IN-CLASS: Innovation
  • BEST-IN-CLASS: Global B2C Commerce
  • BEST-IN-CLASS: Global B2B Commerce
  • BEST-IN-CLASS: Digital CX Consulting
  • BEST-IN-CLASS: Digital Operations

Our Services

  • Transforming through the lens of the customer with a forward-looking vision and strategy
  • Transformation Planning
  • Digital Capabilities Benchmarking
  • Digital Products & Services Design
  • Always-on Digital Innovation

  • Creating value in every brand interaction through customer journey models, experiences and content/data/CRM platform

  • Customer Experience, Strategy/Journeys
  • Web or Mobile Experience Design and Front-End Development
  • Digital in Physical / Retail Experience Design
  • Content and Customer Service Technology Platforms

  • Real-time marketing through programmatic platforms, content marketing, media, and creativity

  • Brand Planning/Creative Campaign Design & Optimization
  • Social and Content Marketing
  • Media & Search (SEM, SEO) Program
  • Martech Campaign, Marketing, and CRM Automation Platforms

  • Evolving enterprise IT through new architectures, adoption of cloud technologies, and agile operating models

  • IT Strategy & Consulting
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Cloud Technology Migration & Managed Support
  • Custom Development and Systems Integration

  • Reinventing and digitizing commerce and retail channels to drive more revenue and efficiencies

  • Omni-channel Commerce Strategy
  • Commerce Experience Design
  • Commerce & OMS Technology Platforms
  • Commerce Optimization & Management

  • Enabling companies to leverage data as a strategic advantage across the enterprise

  • Enterprise Data Strategy/Governance/Consulting
  • AI & Cognitive Experiences Platform Design and Development (Watson, Cosmos, IDIOM, YUBII)
  • Data Science Services
  • Analytics and Measurement Services

Engineering Dimension


  • Test and learn.
  • Put something in front of customers and learn from their feedback, making changes where you need to.
  • Try new tools, new technologies


  • Failure is a learning opportunity.
  • Diversity of thought
  • Have Fun
  • Sustainable work-pace
  • Accept challenges & adapt quickly
  • Need to collaborate & communicate


  • Your ability to learn and adapt is more important than your knowledge, merit and experience
  • Focus on quality of work, focus on how to remove impediments, align yourself to the constraints and most importantly align yourself to the direction you are going in.


  • Strive to establish and maintain a culture of open and honest communication.
  • Provide and seek constructive feedback on a regular basis.
  • Instead of guessing, ask questions if you are unsure about something.

Job Description


I balance exceptional delivery for customers on what matters, engaging team and colleagues, with the needs of the business. I am an expert and often the first layer of management of people or projects.


  • Members of my Product team (Product Managers, Engineers and TPM’s).
  • Member of the Engineering community.


  • Experience of best practice methodologies.
  • Experience of multiple programming languages


Software Development Managers (SDMs) establish and sustain the environment for development to exist and succeed. They drive continuous improvement of engineering practises and improve the efficiency of the development in Tesco. They are responsible for the entire development process for a software programme and are hands-on, contributing to the end solution.


  • Written and verbal communication skills.
  • Problem solving, analysis and computational skills.
  • Innovative approach to problem solving.
  • Customer focus.


  • Apply my in-depth knowledge of multiple programming languages, associated frameworks and the tool ecosystem to create elegant solutions to problems.
  • Adopt new languages and new paradigms applying them to the problem domain where they deliver significant benefit.
  • Test drive features in applicable programming language and be comfortable with the TDD cycle.
  • Shape the wider application landscape.
  • Apply distributed programming models (e.g. Actor frameworks) appropriately.
  • Model multiple domains, articulating contexts & boundaries and articulate the rationale behind them.
  • Am an expert at translating requirements into tasks & code.
  • Develop high quality code that can lead to rapid delivery. Ruthlessly pursuing continuous integration and delivery. Committing code early and often, with an understanding of version control & branching strategies.
  • Implement continuous live testing.
  • Implement infrastructure as code.
  • Implement infrastructure as cattle not pets – configuration and deployment are automated.
  • Apply my understanding of elastic scale and build highly available systems.
  • Build manageable code and observe basic hygiene practices.
  • Follow the best practices of continuous BDD/TDD/Performance/Security/Smoke testing.
  • Work effectively with my product stakeholders to communicate and translate their needs into improvements in my product.
  • Lead group discussions on design within appropriate bounded context
  • Support production systems, resolve incidents and perform root cause analysis.
  • Debug/find complex problems and support/maintain the software solution.
  • Share knowledge and influence with the wider engineering community.
  • Mentor and develop those around me.
  • Raise the bar of the organization.
  • Produce proof of concepts to evaluate new tools.

Culture Dimension


  • We provide the platform which gives flexibility for people to work they way they want.
  • Pursue/ change career paths.
  • Flexibility in working hours, locations etc.


  • We encourage work- life balance and while you may sometimes find yourself in a challenging environment during a project cycle, flexible work-arrangements, celebrations of early wins and special occasions to bring fun at work.
  • On-site medical facilities, various wellness programs to keep you mentally and physically fit would create a great work experience for you.


  • We encourage building & participating in internal & external communities whether its profession related or personal passion.
  • We contribute to open source community with our thought leadership & code contributions.
  • We organize multiple tech meet ups and organize industry wide hackathons.
  • We have specialized networks for Women.


  • We provide opportunities across the globe to interact directly with the clients and solve their problems.
  • We provide extensive learning & development training.
  • Well defined career paths with focus on you owning your growth.
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Technical Architect

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