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Tech Lead

3 - 7 years
3 - 7 years
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  About opportunity

About MoEngage:

MoEngage Inc. is a leading Marketing Technology Stack provider that is helping brands redefine their customer engagement in the mobile era. Brands use MoEngage to drive long-term, personalized and context-based engagement across channels to help achieve increased customer retention as well as customer LTV.

Sitting at a conflux of diverse technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Web & Mobile platforms, MoEngage technology analyzes billions of data points generated by customers and their devices, to predict customer behavior and build marketing campaigns that proactively engage users.

In just four years since inception, MoEngage is working with leading brands across e-commerce, entertainment, travel, publishing and banking domains among others. With a global presence spanning 35 countries, MoEngage has offices in San Francisco, Berlin, Jakarta, and Bengaluru.

Today, MoEngage is an industry pioneer in the space and engages >200M devices. This includes approx. 40B events tracked per month, 10B+ messages sent, to millions of users across the globe.

What Segmentation does:

Segmentation team is one of the core teams at MoEngage, responsible for analysing billions of events per month generated by millions of users, and building realtime query capabilities to power the most advanced user profiling engine available in the industry. As a member of the segmentation team, you will be working on some of core distributed computing concepts as well as computer science problems, to write code that processes TeraBytes of data in minutes. You get to work on one of the largest in-house self-managed elasticsearch deployments in India and get first hand understanding of handling data at scale.

To support this scale, MoEngage employs a close-knit team of smart and enthusiastic engineers. As a part of this team, you will be responsible to scale the current system while building various solutions to support the growing demand of the business.

Must have:

  • B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech in Computer Science.
  • Minimum 6+ years of hands-on developing experience and at least 1+ years of experience in leading a team.
  • Hands on with Modular Software Architecture, Software Design and Implementation
  • Good knowledge on developing backend applications with expertise in one of the backend programming languages like Python, Ruby, Java etc.
  • Should understand the performance metrics for a system viz. time and space complexities.
  • Experience with Elasticsearch and/or other Big-data tools is a plus.
  • Insights on workings of Database, Queues, Cache, servers.
  • Experience working with Python or NoSQL DBs is a Plus.


  • Lead a team of developers to build the next gen marketing automation platform.
  • Lead the adoption of best practices, coding standards and development practices to improve the quality of the deliverables
  • Keep scalability/availability/resilience in mind while building.
  • Get the hands dirty by coding and tuning infrastructure to meet SLAs.
  • Work with Product Managers on delivering products in time, helping team members grow in their careers.
  • Coordinate with other teams to maintain production systems, optimise performance and resolve issues
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Tech Lead

MoEngage   •   Bengaluru