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3 - 8 yrs exp
3 - 8 yrs exp
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Why Belong?

At Belong, we believe people are more than the skills they pick up, their work experiences, or the designations they hold. Because to build anything that lasts—be it a company, a social movement or an institution—we need to connect on a level beyond all that. We are human beings with aspirations and values, not human resources and we are meant to belong. Our vision is to make this a global reality.

Through Outbound Hiring, Advanced Search and Personalized Engagement as our core differentiators, we’re creating a new global suite of products out of India.

What will you be working on? What is the problem you will be solving?

Our core tech problem at a high level is ‘Scaling Personalization’ in people search and engagement. Based on your interests, Belongingness and fitment, you will be leading one of the following:

  • Platforms: Building a scalable core search and engagement platform that helps organizations, recruiters, hiring managers and candidates engage with each other in a personalized way and make mutual belongingness happen (we’re all unique and hence should be engaged uniquely)
  • (Candidate-facing Product): Building core technology that helps candidates make better informed decisions about their careers like finding the right job at the right time aligned to their larger goals or recommendations based on their career interests
  • Belong Engage: Harnessing the super-productivity of an applicant tracking system and personalized engagement smarts of a talent CRM to find, hire, and engage talent that belongs with one’s organization
  • Belong Empower (Belong’s newest 0-1 product): Use intelligent data and power of data sciences to make smart, people-first decisions – identify disengaged employees, performance and perception patterns, and retain the people who belong

On an average day you’d be breaking down technical challenges, writing code, looking at bugs, interacting with customers and collaborating with product managers, designers, front-end engineers, customer success managers to help create value.

What specific skills and traits you should possess?

  • We’re a Python shop, however we’re not too specific on any language/framework
  • Strong background in Object Oriented Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures. Experience in ElasticSearch and Apache Kafka are a plus
  • Good interpersonal skills as you’ll be working closely with PMs, Designers, Customer Success Managers to develop and deploy products
  • Should have worked on core backend platforms or a product that you were able to drive to production - preferably a customer facing product (0-1 or 1-10) rather than an internal product.
  • Ownership and customer-centric mindset, with a bias for speed.

What is the growth potential for this role?

Belong has a 20-25 strong tech team, a 10-15 member Data Science team and an audacious vision. All the ownership you can take is available here.

You get the opportunity to focus and develop expertise on any one of the above mentioned problem statements at Belong and learning happens on the job.

Beyond that, growth at Belong comes from the freedom you have to choose new technologies and working on experiments that have potential to drive non-linear growth. (A small side project called ‘Totoro’, has now done a business of ~$15K. Ask more about this when you speak to us. Many more such stories at Belong)

How will you be making a difference in the industry or in the way the world works?

By Scaling Personalization in traditional HR, either via People Search or Candidate Engagement, we are changing how people find great work and are communicating with each other in the industry. We have proved that curated candidate pools and personalized communication causes much greater impact than age-old spray-n-pray techniques.

The technology you build will have a direct impact on people joining workplaces where they can cause huge impact and belong. Imagine your tech getting the next Steve and Woz together.

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About Belong

Next-generation automation is the biggest organisational disruptor. With ML and AI driving tasks, winning organisations of the future are those that leverage technology to drive its people and their productivity. At Belong, we are enabling this Future World of Work though our products and platforms that can help you brand, engage, hire and retain the relevant talent with automation and personalization at scale. Backed by Sequoia and Matrix, we are the talent transformation partners to the likes of Airtel, Walmart, OLA, Amazon, Flipkart, Adobe, MakeMyTrip, Publicis Sapient, Cognizant among 100 others.

We care about tech and have been doing some writing (code & articles) which might help you know us better: Belong Tech Twitter Handle , Our open source frontend component library, An article on how Grep was taking too long.

We offer you the opportunity to take immediate ownership, create at scale, and own your own success story.

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