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Staff Software Engineer


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7-12 years of experience in platform software with minimum of 2 years hands on experience BIOS and associated areas

  • Good knowledge of HW interfaces like PCIe, LPC, I2C etc
  • Good understanding of Intel/AMD/ARM CPU architecture and design of CPU subsystem involving Memory, storage, network controller
  • Hands on knowledge on UEFI BIOS, secure boot, boot guard etc
  • Good understanding of BIOS interaction with boot loader and kernel
  • Coordinate with platform team architects, SW developers, BIOS vendor and test engineering and come up with BIOS requirements
  • Bring up BIOS on new hardware platforms
  • Debug issues for root cause and work with BIOS vendors for resolution
  • Plan and scope BIOS validation equipment and resources, Come up with test infrastructure requirements to maintain and upgrade BIOS
  • Write BIOS test cases to identify platform configurations, experiment with settings to detect unauthenticated tampering and code to test BIOS prevention mechanism
  • Design, develop and execute BIOS test plans
  • Download, build and test CORE code drops from BIOS Vendors and test for reliability and compliance and quality
  • Hands on Experience in development of BIOS firmware is plus
  • Must be familiar with recent developments on BIOS, envision future developments, provide architectural input, and coordinate with platform teams and BIOS vendors on future feature sets.
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Staff Software Engineer

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