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Staff Engineer

American Express
11 - 16 years
11 - 16 years
Distributed Systems
Apache Hadoop
Amazon EC2
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Distributed Systems
Apache Hadoop
Amazon EC2

Perfect for people who

have been Architect with 11+ years of experience

  About opportunity

American Express Global Card Network Platform authorizes and processes all of the company’s customer card transactions. The Card Network platform is the critical back bone for all of American Express card transactions, and is a near real time low latency system that is always available and highly resilient, processing transactions from around the world 24x7, 365 days a year.

American Express is making strategic investments in new card network products and platforms to allow the company to meet its ambitious global growth agenda. American Express is looking for strong leaders and engineers to be part of high energy and efficient teams that will build and support our next generation card network systems.

  • This is a great opportunity as we have started building the teams in Bangalore and would grow big.
  • Lot of innovations happen in payment industry. We are going to lay the foundation in American Express with the new product we are building to enable new possibilities.

Responsibilities Include:

  • You will be responsible for design and building key components of a distributed real-time
    transaction engine, and payment processing business logic by leveraging these components
  • Build high level design as well as detailed design of complex subsystems with emphasis in high availability and low latency.
  • Working with developers in day to day activities and helping in review of design, coding and the SDLC tasks.
  • You will be responsible for inculcating the sense of delivering highest quality code using
  • Build POCs to experiment new technologies, databases and other application infrastructure.
  • You will constantly purse and learn industry leading/innovative technologies and solutions.
    Be acutely aware of enabling technologies and open-source products to build low latency
    distributed systems.
  • Lead a culture of innovation and experimentation, engage in fun and outcomeoriented culture, and always be ready to try new concepts without fear of failure.
  • Collaborate with peer technology and product teams across different locations.

Payment Data

  • System to handling billions of dollar worth transactions everyday in more secure way

Blazing fast

  • Achieving milli second response time in a system with 100+ microservices & multi million transaction throughput

Faster Development

•Cloud deployment, microservices, cutting edge technology stack

Highly available

  • 99.9999 availability
  • Distributed active active data center design

Key Initiatives:

  • Card Transaction Engine and Transaction Routing,
  • Platform Engineering and Foundational Capabilities of distributed systems
  • High Availability, Resiliency and Performance Engineering on Cloud

As a Staff Engineer, you will be a hands-on engineer building highly available and scalable distributed system on the cloud that supports the company’s long-term strategy and vision. Your primary responsibility is design and develop our next generation distributed transaction platform supporting Amex card transactions. Staff Engineers in American Express is an individual contributor role and is at the same level as a Director of Engineering


  • You have Computer Science / Information Systems degree, or equivalent with at-least 8+ years of work experience.
  • Strong implementation experience using languages like C/C++, GoLang or Java. Keen understanding of how to build highly performant systems with such languages.
  • Hands on experience in building distributed micro-service systems, experience with Service
    Mesh products/frameworks like such as Envoy, Linkerd, Istio, gRPC/ProtoBuf; Distributed
    System Management/tracing and monitoring such as Zipkin/Jaeger, ELK Stack, Prometheus
  • Have experience in designing and building Cloud native applications. Experience in cloud
    platforms like Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift are a plus.
  • Experience in using NoSQL databases and distributed messaging systems such as Redis, Kafka, Couchbase, Cassandra in the context of low latency and high transaction volume systems.
  • Have built and delivered large scale enterprise systems/products. Implemented critical aspects of the such systems and have supported such applications in production as SAS service.
  • Keen awareness of concerns in massively distributed systems and effective solutions.
  • Experience working in DevOps teams and Scrums.
  • Ability to learn and deep dive into new technology and business domains, question status quo and think outside of the box.
  • Have excellent written and verbal communications skills. Create and deliver effective
    presentations to Senior Leadership.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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Staff Engineer

American Express   •   Bengaluru