Sr. Brand Experience Designer

4 - 5 yrs exp
4 - 5 yrs exp
About opportunityAbout opportunity

What is the larger purpose and impact of this role?

What will the candidate be working on? What is the problem that they will be solving?

  • Work on setting up the Belong Brand language systems & potentially grow on to being a Brand custodian for one or more of our product verticals or offerings.
  • Work on creating & executing narratives for the Brand that will spread across the collateral.These would be multidisciplinary collateral such as the website,blog, digital campaigns, ebooks, print collateral, space graphics, event experience, data visualization, Infographics, customer education material etc. so the candidate should have the interest & skill set for multidisciplinary design.
  • Be the point of contact for all design requirements from various teams, understand and pass on the brief to the designer/freelancer/Agency who will be working on it.
  • Potentially work with the Product Design team to implement a consistent design language across all our products & offerings.
  • Be a champion for the user & identify where Design can cause an impact within the team/org & be able to pitch & execute it. (The candidate should show promise to step up to this level)

How will their work impact the org and team’s success? How will their contribution align with the company’s vision and objectives?

  • As a designer in the team, the candidate will be taking care of all design requirements that the team has to successfully deliver on a story. The candidate will be supported and trained by the team in order to deliver on these tasks.
  • The candidate will play a key role in converting the vision & objectives of the company into tangible experiences.

What is the growth potential for this role?

  • Any designer who becomes part of the team should be able grow into taking ownership, driving execution & training future designers within Belong’s Brand/Sub brand/Product Branding.

What is the opportunity for broader impact - How will they be making a difference in their industry or in the way the world works?

  • Belong is changing the way people find work & work together, the candidate will be able to impact how the world experiences it.
  • The candidate will be able to raise the bar for multidisciplinary design practices in the larger design community.
  • As a part of Belong’s design community, the candidate has a potential to influence how design plays a role in the growth of the Org & Brand as we scale.

What are its key success factors and requirements?

What will make this person successful and what are the metrics on which they will be evaluated?

  • The candidate should become fluent in belong’s brand language & develop the ability to extend our visual system.
  • The candidate should be an active contributor for the brand on a conceptual & execution level.
  • The candidate should be able to constantly deliver on the following
  • Deliver design solutions & assets that are either directly to be consumed by our user/ target audience or developers (in case of web).
  • Constantly learn, refine & improve process & collaboration with the team (Design process)
  • Constantly learn, refine & improve impact caused to our user/ target audience through their work.
  • Be quick to switch context and work on multiple projects in parallel

What kind of work should the candidate have experience in? Is there any project or industry preference?

  • The candidate should primarily be a visual storyteller (preferably with branding experience)
  • Design process
  • Love for experimenting with various media
  • The candidate ideally should have UX knowledge
  • She should easily be able to switch between digital , print or any other mediums
  • Packaging, advertising and exhibition design experience would be a plus
  • Experience of working with fast moving teams
  • Be able to think on her feet (be a fast learner)

What specific skills and traits should this person possess?

  • Brand design/Understanding on how identity systems work.
  • Visual design
  • UX knowledge
  • UI design for web
  • Solid software skills (Adobe Illustrator, photoshop, Indesign - won’t be able to train candidate in these skills on the job)
Good to have
  • Passion for clear & effective communication (verbal & visual)
  • Interest in exploring various mediums/channels to extend our Brand.
Personality traits
  • Self motivated/ driven
  • Constant learner
  • Adapts to various situations easily
  • Comfortable working with tight timelines
  • Remains calm during stress
  • Thinks on her feet
  • Experience/mindset of taking a concept & developing it into a functioning identity system.

What are the monetary and performance-based incentives?

  • Salary & standard annual appraisal.

What type of people will succeed in this role?

Look at the people in the team currently - why did they join, what is the background?

  • Opportunity to impact an organisation & its vision on a much larger scale by being part of it from an early stage
  • Opportunity to build & scale a Brand right from its early stages

Look at your competition - what kind of people are they hiring?

  • The competition is hiring focused & experienced designers that are fluent in “Branding” & “UX Design”

What Is Brand Experience Design?

  • The practice of designing products, processes, services, events, and environments - based on the consideration of an individual’s or group’s needs, desires, beliefs, knowledge, skills, experiences, and perceptions
  • UX + Brand Strategy A customer's perception of a brand is driven, in large part, by the experience manifest in all customer touch points. The brand is represented by all customer touch points – retail, sales, product, utilization, support, etc. The experience is comprised of all customer touch points – retail, sales, product, utilization, support, etc.
  • Customer Experience (end-to - end/multiple touch points)
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