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2 yrs exp
2 yrs exp
About opportunityAbout opportunity

Postman leads the way in the API-first universe. Postman’s API Development Environment is used by 6+ million developers and more than 200,000 companies to access 200 million APIs every month. Postman is looking for Software Engineers to build out features, design and implement APIs, and improve the performance and reliability of our systems as we rapidly scale our product and organization.

About the Team

The team works closely with the Product teams to build APIs that enable delightful experiences for developers who build modern software for the API first world. We’re a small team that learns from each other and iterates rapidly to make a large impact. Our Microservices are written in Node.js, MySQL and Linux deployed on the AWS Platform.

A taste of our scale:

  • 700k+ daily active users
  • 200+ million requests per day spread across 30+ microservices
  • resting around 20 TB of data
  • ingesting around 2TB of monthly internal service logs
  • 200k+ peak concurrent web socket connections This position reports to one of our Engineering Managers.

What You'll Do

  • Build and own microservices while working with a cross-functional team of Product Managers, Designers, Support and Product, Quality, Security and Platform Engineers.
  • Manage the roadmap and SLAs for the microservices that you own.
  • Create and periodically review Architectural diagram for the Microservices and manage their dependencies.
  • Perform Code reviews.
  • Deploy and monitor versions, retire older versions and push patch fixes.
  • Manage Mocks, Docs, Monitors, Integration and Contract Tests using Postman.
  • On-board, mentor and off-board developers within the Microservices you own.

About You

  • You’ve been building web applications for 2+ years.
  • You’ve experience with high level programming languages - e.g. Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, Go. We code primarily in Node.js, so you’ll be excited to either ramp up on that or continue building awesome things with it.
  • You possess strong Computer Science fundamentals - Algorithms, Databases, Networking and Distributed systems.
  • You write testable, maintainable code that’s easy to understand.
  • You are a strong communicator who can explain complex technical concepts to product managers, designers, support and other engineers.
  • You enjoy helping onboard new team members, mentoring, and teaching.
  • You have curiosity about how things work.


This position will be located in our beautiful office at 100 ft road, Indiranagar in Bangalore. You will enjoy our incredible perks: home-cooked meals, snacks, game room, flexible hours, ergonomic workstations and cuddles from our endearing Chief Happiness Officer, Cooper. What you will also get to experience is a company that believes in autonomous small teams for maximum impact; that strives for organizational growth to align with that of the individual; that continuously and purposefully builds an inclusive culture where everyone is able to do and be the best version of themselves and where ideas are encouraged from anyone and everyone. We seek people who naturally demonstrate our values, who not only understand the challenge but can also solve this for the rest of the world.Be a part of something big.

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Interview RoundsInterview rounds

The interview steps for this job would consist of 5 rounds which would be as follows :

Round 1 - HR Screening

Round 2 - Technical Discussion Screening call 1

Round 3 - Tech screen call 2

Round 4 - Face to face interview with CTO/Tech Leads/Engineering Managers

Round 5 - Culture Fitment Round

Hiring Team
About Postman

Postman is a powerful API testing suite used by more than 6 million developers, it is used to share, test, document and monitor APIs. Our toolchain can help to build software that is useful across various use cases ranging from a single developer to an enterprise. We are building for the future where everything is going to be connected.

The Postman free app was created as a side project, and first introduced in October 2012. We grew quickly to become one of the most popular apps on the Chrome store and expanded to Mac, Windows, and Linux native apps. Today we have 6 million developers using the app, worldwide. In 2014, we started the company to support the free app and develop more extensive features for a SaaS product, now known as Postman Pro (introduced in 2016), and Postman Enterprise (introduced in 2018).

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