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Software Engineer

2 to 4 years
2 to 4 years
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  About opportunity

We’re looking for a smart, customer-obsessed innovator and owner to join our Employer Branding Programme. In this role, you would lead employer brand marketing strategy, plan and campaign execution to support the Hiring team in finding, growing and tapping the best talent. You would equip our recruiting teams with the messaging and tools they need to attract and close candidates. You would work towards maximizing program ROI - build a talent network while growing Airtel’s employment brand in the marketplace.

Key Responsibilities Include

  • Development of social media as both a brand strategy and candidate generation tool by
    partnering with social media experts on the business side to drive engagement strategies and metrics.
  • Improving our candidate experience and helping us work toward our vision of creating the same type of experience we provide to our retail customers.
  • Leverage our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to create flexible, targeted marketing
    messaging by while still staying true to our culture.
  • Immediate focus for the role would be on following key employer branding responsibilities to enable talent attraction:
  • Media Strategy: Design, implement, test, and scale paid advertising campaigns on social media channels and gradually double down on success on all key online advertising channels.
  • Content on our Career Site: Establish Airtel’s employer brand presence throughout our career site as a critical channel for informing the external market on what Airtel is and is not as an employer.Create dedicated career pages for various communities & alumni.
  • Social & Digital Media: Operationalize scalable workflows in partnership with PR that help enable a proactive and current pipeline of relevant content. Maintain a consistent social & digital media content schedule to drive and keep an engaged external audience. Share content across all the decentralized social media recruiting sites, with additional focus on connecting the sites, sharing best practices, and building quality and consistency of messaging.
  • Design: Own localization of the employer brand style guide, refining how we use color, text, photography, and other visual elements to create a consistent brand across all media. Regularly refresh branding across all digital channels, including our career site, social media and job boards. Create print and digital marketing materials including but not limited to banner ads, social media posts, print advertisements, flyers, posters, and event materials.

Basic Qualifications

  • Masters degree in an applicable discipline (marketing, communications, etc.)
  • 8+ years of relevant experience
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience with video storytelling
  • Experience writing, editing and managing a library of written and multimedia content
  • Experience producing a diverse range of materials such as white papers, newsletters,
    presentations, educational materials, tutorials, scripts, blogs, and wikis.
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Hiring Team
Vinodh Kumar Ravindranath and other hiring team at Belong in Bengaluru

Vinodh Kumar Ravindranath

Has previously worked with companies like DryLeaf.org, Google and currently working at Belong

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Software Engineer

Belong   •   Bengaluru