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Software Engineer 3

Juniper Networks
3 - 9 years
3 - 9 years
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Job description

We are looking for engineers in the Packet Forwarding Team of RBU, Juniper Networks’ in the Access & Aggregation team.
Work encompasses developing forwarding software, device drivers & microcode for ASIC-based forwarding products. The candidate will get an opportunity to develop cutting edge features in areas like MPLS, VPLS, Multicast, Bridging etc on state of the art silicon based routing products.

Candidate Requirements

  • Good knowledge of Router/Switch architecture.
  • Prior work experience in any one of the domains:
  • IP, MPLS,Bridging, L2/L3 forwarding, VPLS, Multicast, QOS, L2VPN, L3VPN, Filters, etc
  • Understanding of system architecture for network processor based products will be advantage
  • Strong in C coding. Experience in design/development of non-stop forwarding systems is an added advantage
  • Experience in trouble-shooting problems in actual customer network deployments or in complex lab topologies will be a plus
  • Strong debugging skills with extensive experience in core file analysis
  • Quick learner, ability to ramp up fast and multitask
  • Around 3+ yrs of experience preferably in a router/switch company.
  • A strong understanding of concepts related to computer architecture, data structures and programming practices is desirable.
  • A Bachelor/Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.
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Software Engineer 3

Juniper Networks   •   Bengaluru