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2 yrs exp
2 yrs exp
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Purpose of the Job

The SoA/API developer role is to strategically design, develop, implement and maintain enterprise integration framework and associated ecosystem. This position applies proven communication, analytical and problem-solving skills to help identify, communicate and resolve systems issues in order to maximize the benefit of IT systems investments. This position will lead preparation of all system and software integration plans, as well as evaluate and select all technologies required to complete those plans.

The SoA Developer is expected to utilize past experience in complex developments to help guide the development, testing and quality assurance, teams effectively to the new solution. Specifically, the SoA Developer will be responsible for the following:

  • Designs should be based on sound SOA best practices, and design patterns that support modular integrated design concepts
  • Contribute to & support Design for Enterprise Data Modeling (Entity-Relationship Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams, Data Vault Modeling, etc.)
  • Responsible for Development, Documentation, and Enforcement of Integration Standards across system tiers through collaboration and design
  • Responsible for Development and Enforcement of Common Interface Error Handling and Logging Processes
  • Evaluate and suggest any third party components for the integration layer, if required
  • Responsible for Design, Development, and Standardization of Scheduled Batch Jobs using best of class 3rd party tools (where appropriate)
  • Promote & ensure Coding Standards are consistently followed
  • Assist in application deployments that will employ the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform.
  • Provide technical support in configuring an enterprise application that will be calling services via the Integration layer

Deliverables (Maximum 5-6 key responsibilities)

  • Responsible for Requirements, Design, and Development of a robust enterprise class Integration Framework.
  • Responsible for Development, Documentation, and Enforcement of Integration Standards across system tiers through collaboration and design
  • Responsible for Development and Enforcement of Common Interface Error Handling and Logging Processes
  • Responsible for Design, Development, and Standardization of Scheduled Batch Jobs using best of class 3rd party tools (where appropriate)
  • Other responsibilities include: collaborating with functional and cross functional team members to establish business goals; reviewing new and existing IT projects, systems designs and plans, and conducting research on emerging technologies to support changes in infrastructure.
  • Design and develop interface strategy to move data between systems, which may include SQL - Oracle, File-SQL-File, XML, etc
  • Interfacing with the design and implementation engineers and architects, so that any problems arising during design or implementation can be resolved in accordance with the fundamental design concepts, and user needs and constraints.
  • Ensuring that a maximally robust design is developed.
  • Generating a set of acceptance test requirements, together with the designers, test engineers, and the user, which determine that all of the high level requirements have been met, especially for the computer-human-interface.
  • Generating products such as sketches, models, an early user guide, and prototypes to keep the user and the engineers constantly up to date and in agreement on the system to be provided as it is evolving.
  • Ensuring that all architectural products and products with architectural input are maintained in the most current state and never allowed to become obsolete.

Major Challenges

  • Integrating multiple technologies/systems across airtel and partners to ensure the desired system architecture
  • Driving the change across the partners & internal teams to adopt newer technology and extract the maximum for enhancement in system robustness
  • Building a collaborative working environment with the IT partners
  • Continuously scan & understand emerging technologies and making them acceptable within function and cross functional owners to meet the organization's goals

Decision level

Prime: Final Decision Making authority, accountable to the Management

  • Implement governance principles
  • Produce Integration design documentation
  • Analyze integration and business requirements to produce unambiguous, optimized integration specifications
  • Manage requirements through the product lifecycle
  • Develop services using OSB and SoA and Java fwk

Shared: Decisions reached jointly with peers on a collective basis

  • Peer review design and development documentation

Contributory: Makes a major contribution to a decision or policy judgment reached by others

  • Participate in design and performance reviews for design and requirement compliance
  • Assist project managers with development timeline estimates
  • Assist with network design, deployment planning and optimization

Demostrate (Key competencies)

  • Analytical skills and ability to see the big picture
  • Good communication and teamwork skills
  • High degree of curiosity about new technologies
  • Ability to adapt
  • Negotiation and persuasion skills

Educational Level

Must have
  • BE/ Masters in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering.

Working Experience

Must have
  • A minimum of 2 years knowledge and/or work experience with Oracle Service Bus (11g & 12c) and SOA (11g & 12c), or any open source Middleware solution or custom Java based API platform.
  • Experience with UML. Knowledge of design patterns.
  • Should have experience in various adapters – DB, JMS, FTP, File, AQ, REST.
  • Experience with SOA implementations to address distributed service transaction requirements with support for standards such as WS-Coordination, WS-Atomic Transaction, etc.
  • Clear understanding of Web services approach including Web service protocols such as SOAP and REST.
  • Experience with SOA tools, technologies and enterprise application deployments.
  • Experience using Web Services, XML, oracle DB, Eclipse IDE and Middleware administration.
  • Experience using source code control tools, Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Demonstrated ability to write clear and professional quality technical documentation and recommendations for management and technical audiences.
  • Experience capturing and documenting requirements
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