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Senior Software Engineer

3 - 6 years
3 - 6 years
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  About opportunity

Job Description

Are you a developer looking for an exciting role? Hacking, building bots and automated tools to solve specific problems excite you? With this opportunity, let’s build our passions together.

About the team:

The Software Engineer - Platform team at MoEngage is a dynamic, collaborative team, developingsoftwares, tools and infra on cloud contributing towards automated release pipeline.
- One of the product we have open-sourced, and it is receiving the love across the globe
- More of our open-sourced projects https://github.com/moengage
- You can get exposure to the following Tech Stack: Infra, Analytics, DevOps, Data Science, Jenkins, Elastic Search, Kafka, Smaza, AWS, Druid, Python, Java, Node JS, Android, Swift, Cordova, AI, ML, BigQuery
- Our blog space on the interesting work we do at MoEngage
- Glimpses of LifeAtMoEngage and TechAtMoEngage


  • Develop in-house tools, infra, frameworks and processes to be used across teams.
  • You will be mostly hacking in python, java, APIs, Continuos Integration pipelines and other headless browsers like phantomjs.
  • Building reports and dashboards to streamline internal processes of finding and removing bugs in the system.



  • Strong coding skills, 2-5 years of experience in Backend/Web/Mobile/Fullstack Development
  • Proficiency in one of the high-level programming languages. Preferably: Python/Java/Ruby/NodeJS
  • Hands-on experience in developing backend applications using REST APIs.

Bonus Points:

Don’t worry, we’ll ramp you up but experience in any of these areas as well will help you hit the ground running:
- Experience with Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development, and Test Coverage
- Experience in building UI automation framework using selenium.
- Contribution to Open-source projects


  • Work at Scale and challenge yourself
  • Free to choose your own tech gear
  • Work with a smart team which grew up in the Mobile First world
  • Open Culture, Food, Popcorn, Coffee, Snacks & Fun friends, if you can get their fun out :)

About MoEngage:

MoEngage Inc. is a leading Marketing Technology Stack provider that is helping brands redefine their customer engagement. Brands use MoEngage to drive long-term, personalized and context-based engagement across channels to help achieve increased customer retention as well as customer LTV.
Sitting at a conflux of diverse technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Web & Mobile platforms, MoEngage technology analyzes billions of data points generated by customers and their devices, to predict customer behavior and build marketing campaigns that proactively engage users.
In just three years since inception, MoEngage is working with leading brands across e-commerce, entertainment, travel, publishing and banking domains among others. With a global presence spanning 35 countries, MoEngage has offices in San Francisco, Berlin, Jakarta, and Bengaluru.
We are a young, fast-paced workplace that fosters a culture of innovation, ownership, freedom, and fun while building tech products of the future. Our teams are comprised of self-driven, passionate, smart individuals from top-tier institutes who are young achievers.

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Senior Software Engineer

MoEngage   •   Bengaluru