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Senior Software Engineer


2 - 8 years
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  About opportunity

Role Description:

  • Design, build and configure applications to meet business process and application requirements.
  • Knowledge in designing intents and Entities for NLP models, using Microsoft LUIS or similar technologies
  • Ability to create a knowledge base of questions and answers and train models, using Microsoft QnA maker APIs or similar technologies

Must have Skills:

  • Microsoft BOT Framework with Node JS and C#
  • Asp.Net Core, Azure Functions, WebAPIs, Application Insights.
  • ReactJS (mainly for admin dashboards)
  • Good to Have Skills: ASP.NET MVC

Job Requirements: -

  • 2-4 years of strong experience on Microsoft Azure, ASP.NET / MVC and general purpose programming languages such as Angular JS, Node JS, C# ,HTML , CSS and web services
  • 1 to 2 year of experience in developing applications using MS Cognitive Services such as LUIS, Language APIs
  • Good knowledge on Artificial Intelligence concepts and Microsoft Azure
  • Strong debugging and analytical skills
  • Prior knowledge of Azure ML is an added advantage
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Senior Software Engineer

ITC Infotech   •   Bengaluru