Senior Software Engineer - Data Analytics

3 - 10 yrs exp
3 - 10 yrs exp
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<h2><a id="About_Myntracom_0"></a>About <a href=""></a></h2> <p><a href=""></a> is a one stop shop for all your fashion and lifestyle needs. Being Indias largest online store for fashion and lifestyle products, <a href=""></a> aims at providing a hassle free and enjoyable shopping experience to shoppers across the country with the widest range of brands and products on offer. The brand is making a conscious effort to bring the power of fashion to shoppers with an array of the latest and trendiest products available in the country.</p> <h2><a id="Business_Unit_and_Role_Overview_3"></a>Business Unit and Role Overview</h2> <p>Data is the lifeblood of ecommerce businesses and this is the team that manages all the companys data. The team has built a Big Data Platform to ingest data from a variety of data sources, standardize metrics and build data &amp; analytics products . If you are interested in the fast growing field of big data and analytics, and want to work on big data engineering, building data visualization products and build analytical models (Insights) to power business decisions, then this is the team for you.<br> You will get to work on managing large data stores (both relational data-warehouses as well as non-relational stores like HDFS) and learn about how to build mammoth-scale event collection and processing systems. You will also learn a lot of the business, as this team is also responsible for calculating all the key business metrics for each team. The team uses Kafka, Spark, Scala, Java, RedShift, MemSQL, AeroSpike, Python, R, as well as web technologies (nodejs, react) for building data &amp; analytics products.</p> <ul> <li>Team: Analytics</li> <li>Sub Team: Data Platform</li> <li>Designation: Senior Software Engineer / Technical Lead</li> <li>Experience: 3 to 10 years</li> <li>Work Location: Bangalore, India</li> <li>Skills: Java or Python or Scala &amp; deep expertise in Big Data frameworks, Hadoop ecosystem</li> </ul> <h2><a id="Recognitions_13"></a>Recognitions</h2> <ul> <li>Awarded Fashion eRetailer of the Year 2013 by Franchise India Indian eRetail Awards</li> <li>Awarded Best E-commerce Website for 2012 by IAMAI India Digital Awards</li> <li>Awarded Images Most Admired Retailer of the Year: NonStore Retail for 2012 by<br> Images Group</li> <li>CNBC - TV18 Young Turks Award as one of the Hottest Internet Companies of the<br> Year 2011-12</li> <li>Awarded Best E-commerce Partner of the year 2011-12 &amp; 12-13 by Puma India</li> </ul> <h2><a id="Responsibilities_22"></a>Responsibilities</h2> <ul> <li>Write maintainable/scalable/efficient code and maintain data pipelines and data components</li> <li>Design and architect technical solutions for the business problems of a very large scale data from leading<br> e-commerce portal.</li> <li>Work in cross-functional team, collaborating with peers during entire SDLC.</li> <li>Follow coding standards, unit-testing, code reviews etc.</li> <li>Follow release cycles and commitment to deadlines.</li> </ul> <h2><a id="Skills_and_Experience_30"></a>Skills and Experience</h2> <ul> <li>Experience level of 3 to 10 years of experience in very large scale applications</li> <li>Strong problem solving skills, computer science fundamentals, data structures and algorithms.</li> <li>Excellent software product engineering using Java/J2EE or Scala</li> <li>Deep expertise on at least one big data frameworks for example, Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, Hive,Presto, Alluxio,<br> HDFS etc.</li> <li>Experience working on real time streaming data pipelines using Spark Streaming or Storm</li> <li>Very good understanding of data modelling and data architecture / organization best practices for MPP data<br> bases as well as big data (HDFS, S3, BlobStore)</li> <li>Ability to create data flow design and write complex SQL / Spark based transformations &amp; data aggregations<br> that scale for big data volume</li> <li>Experience in building product-ized data pipelines that increases dev productivity and reduces errors (we are<br> building our own data processing framework)</li> <li>Experience working on any one MPP data stores for example, Redshift, Teradata, Vertica, etc.</li> </ul> <h2><a id="Added_Advantage_45"></a>Added Advantage</h2> <ul> <li>Hands on programming experience with Scala, Go or Python</li> <li>Experience building application having data visualisation, interactive analysis or analytical reporting</li> <li>Exposure to variety of databases like Mongo, Redis, MemSQL, Aerospike etc.</li> <li>Experience working on Microsoft Azure Cloud services</li> <li>Hands on experience with SQL Data Warehouse of Azure Cloud services</li> <li>Experience handling data replications across multiple data-centre</li> </ul> <h2><a id="Growth_at_Myntra_53"></a>Growth at Myntra</h2> <p>Being a relatively small sized Engineering team, individuals carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. Coming up with the designs of features, evaluating external libraries and frameworks, enhancing existing platform infrastructure, reviewing major architectural decisions, planning and executing deployments with minimal system downtimes is part of everyday job. For an individual with hunger to solve problems and who thrives on challenges, the opportunities at this place are practically limitless.</p>
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About Myntra

Myntra-Jabong together, have the unique positioning of being an online and offline, vertical, tech-enabled fashion player that has become the largest fashion retailers in this country. We are a one-stop shop for all your fashion and lifestyle need. We are going strong on all counts with 3000+ brands, serving 11+million customer base, 21k pin codes pan India, industry-leading customer experience and a certified Great Place to Work. We are India's largest e-commerce store for fashion and lifestyle and posted $1.6 billion annual revenue run-rate .

By creating a comprehensive platform, our small (and growing!) technology team powers this delightful experience, right from suppliers to the buyer's doorstep.A shopping experience that is enjoyable for the consumer and efficient for us depends a great deal on design and information architecture and hence we are always on the lookout for great team members.

Plus, you will also contribute/represent Myntra - Jabong in technology forums and platforms like our Medium blog or our Github repository.

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