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Senior Software Engineer

Candidate Product
6 - 10 years
6 - 10 years
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  About opportunity

Why Belong

At Belong, we believe people are more than the skills they pick up, their work experiences, or the designations they hold. Because to build anything that lasts?—?be it a company, a social movement or an institution?—?we need to connect on a level beyond all that. We are human beings with aspirations and values, not human resources and we are meant to belong. Our vision is to make this a global reality.

What will you be working on?

Our core tech problem at a high level is ‘Scaling Personalization’ in people search and engagement.

Creating technology that helps recruiters discover the right candidate for the right job, at the the right time (no one ever goes to the 2nd page of Google results right? Then why should recruiters?)

Building a scalable platform that helps recruiters, hiring managers and candidates engage with each other in a personalized way. (We’re all unique, and hence should be engaged uniquely)

On an average day you’d be breaking down technical challenges, writing code, looking at bugs, interacting with customers and collaborating with product managers, designers, front-end engineers, customer success manager to help create value

What is your potential for growth in the organization?

Belong has a 15-20 member tech team and an audacious vision. All the ownership you can take is available here.

You get the opportunity to focus and develop expertise on any one of the above mentioned problem statements at Belong and learning happens on the job.

Beyond that, growth at Belong comes from the freedom you have to choose new technologies and working on experiments that have potential to drive non-linear growth. (A small side project called ‘Totoro’, has now done a business of ~$15K . Ask more about this when you speak to us. Many more such stories at Belong ;) )

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Senior Software Engineer

Candidate Product   •   Bengaluru