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Senior Manager Quality Assurance

11 to 15 years
11 to 15 years
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  About opportunity

About Organization:

At Makemytrip people are our greatest strength, bound by our vision to enable a sustainable world where people, organization and the environment thrive. We are passionate about making our company and the world a better place; responsible in working with commitment and accountability, and agile enough to work in a dynamic, changing industry. The wide-ranging expertise of our diverse team fuels the innovation that places us on the leading edge of the travel industry. We nurture the company culture by; giving independence to design, carry out feasibility study and develop system/part of process which can reduce manual effort to bring efficiency — that encourages all employees. If this the kind of place you see yourself working, we invite you to join Makemytrip.

Position Summary:

Responsible entity for defining testing strategies to ensure that applications; meet customer requirements, are stable, reliable, and production-ready, and minimize risk to the organization by automation strategies.

Key Areas:

Web Concepts, Automation (API, Mobile & Web), Database, CI, Linux.

Prime Responsibilities:

  • Drives automation strategy in partnership with functional automation.
  • Stays up to date of latest trends in automation.
  • Recommends tools and frameworks to enable the automation strategy.
  • Fosters a cross-team automation community, conducive to knowledge sharing and continuous improvement.
  • Ensures the business value proposition of automation and demonstrate its ROI.
  • Influences and supports the culture, values, and standards of the group.
  • Maintain automated test environment and perform unit, functional and stress testing.
  • Actively participates in initiatives to improve overall performance.
  • Communicates key messages effectively and persuasively.
  • Executes test plans and diagnose test failures.
  • Implement continuous process improvements to enhance testing efficiency.
  • Oversee a dashboard to schedule and track system tests.
  • Analyze test results and perform bug fixing activities.
  • Provide support in design, development and production phases of projects.
  • Determine project quality requirements and perform quality planning activities.
  • Strong analytical & debugging skills.
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Hiring Team
NEETH KUNJAPPA and other hiring team at MakeMyTrip in Gurgaon


Working at companies like snapdeal, adobe, info edge and has worked on Agile Methodolgy, Test Planning, Security Testing

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Senior Manager Quality Assurance

MakeMyTrip   •   Gurgaon