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Senior Data Scientist

8 to 15 years
8 to 15 years
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  About opportunity

We are leveraging our deep expertise in financial data to launch innovative solutions into the Financial Services Industry. You need to be a thinker.

We are looking for a very curious data scientist who enjoys a deep dive into the raw data to help figure out the right set of questions and find the answers to those questions.

You also need to be a doer. You will be responsible for data cleansing, transformation and creating predictive models and classifiers.

You need to be smart and build smart products. A big part of this job is about creating actionable insights for our customers and the business using machine learning and statistical techniques.

Translate analytic insights into concrete, actionable recommendations for business or product improvement. You need to be ambitious. You must be passionate about applying mathematical modeling to solve real world problems. You must be willing to work with a team of modelers on cutting-edge prediction techniques who knows the best practices around modeling and validation. And more than anything, you must love to turn ideas into reality. If you are the happiest when you can prove the impact of statistical models/machine learning in generating business impact, let us know.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • 12-15years of experience in the area of data science/machine learning (OR) PhD degree specializing in a relevant field such as Probability, Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Artificial intelligence/Computer Science.
  • Deep understanding of statistical modeling/machine learning/ data mining concepts
  • Strong analytical and quantitative problem solving ability
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills: ability to tell a clear, concise, actionable story with data, to folks across various levels of the company
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Senior Data Scientist

Yodlee   •   Bengaluru