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Senior Data Scientist

9 + years
9 + years
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  About opportunity

Are you a data enthusiast looking for opportunities to build data driven products? Does playing with data, building models, deriving insights excite you? Do you pride yourself on innovation, hacking? Is Data Science your passion? If so, join us at Swiggy in building our Data Science team and delivering non-linear growth. Be part of our success story.

Why Data Science at Swiggy?
Working in a fast-paced start-up where everyone is data savvy. Surrounded by amazing high-octane talent and working with unique data; you will be challenged constantly. Working closely with various teams, opportunity to build end to end true data products – from conceptualizing the mathematical problem to solve, build relevant data models, build required ML models and take them to implementation. Work enabling you to develop as a full stack data scientist. Build analytical know how beyond classification, ranking, regression and related techniques.

What will you be working on?
You will be working on unique data consisting of 3 Mill events per day. You will continuous drive data culture and evangelize use of data science in all possible aspects of business. Some of the projects you might work on:

  • Researching and developing algorithms/ models for personalizing the app. Make sure developed algorithms drive significant lift in reality and refine as required
  • Building ML/predictive framework to draw insights at scale for different aspects of business, for example understanding drivers of various customer behaviour or understanding points of failure
  • Enhance with sophisticated algorithm and various analytical tools- existing operations related modules including assignment of delivery executives, predicting time to delivery among others

What are we looking for?
An ideal candidate should have strong depth and breadth of knowledge in different areas of machine learning, statistics as well as reasonable programming skills. Other desired skills and traits are:

  • Strong fundamentals in machine learning, general statistics and data science principles
  • Excellent problem solving skills, with ability to communicate even complex ideas in succinct manner
  • Strong work ethics like sense of collaboration and ownership, result orientation, being team player
  • Proficiency in Python, R, Spark or related tools used from data handling to modelling to implementing
  • Knowledge of statistical concepts related to data driven design like multivariate testing, DOEs
  • Experience in developing and implementing models/ algorithms in ecommerce/ consumer mobile app environment a plus
  • Previous experience in start-ups preferred
  • Master’s or equivalent degree in Computer Science or Mathematics or Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or a related field
  • Experience mentoring Data Scientists as well as non-data scientist on various data science aspects
  • Previous experience working with product and engineering teams in building data products
  • Up to date and working knowledge of best in class data science algorithms and technologies
  • Detail oriented with experience building/ delivering value via models in production systems…
  • Ability to strike a fine balance between research and development for new solutions
  • PhD in equivalent degree in Computer Science or Mathematics or Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or a related field with 9+ yrs experience
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Hiring Team
Dale Vaz and other hiring team at Swiggy in Bengaluru

Dale Vaz

Working at companies like quikr, treebo hotels, flipkart and has worked on Agile Project Management, Cross Platform Development, Leadership

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Senior Data Scientist

Swiggy   •   Bengaluru