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Senior Data Scientist

6 to 12 years
6 to 12 years
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MMT is looking for strong and passionate hard-core Data Scientists. The incumbent would:

  • Build required statistical models and heuristics to predict, optimize, and guide various aspects of our business based on available data
  • Design, implement, and iterate through statistical experiments to incrementally maximize site margin while minimizing risk.
  • Handle 1.8 TB of data volume every day on Makemytrip Data platform
  • Extract and consume data from our live systems to analyze and produce robust 99.99% SLA Big-data environment
  • The incumbent will be in the driving seat for innovation and delivery in various exciting tech. opportunities. Specifically, we are significantly increasing our tech-investments in Big-data Analytics as the base for Data-Science

Desired Profile:

We seek individuals who are smart, have passion to learn, are hungry to make a difference to travel-commerce in India, and are fun to work with. To qualify, the candidate must have solid understanding of and experience with statistical methods, specifically:

  • Programming experience is a must
  • Experimental design
  • Familiar in time-series analysis and implications on how to model and test.
  • Experience with some of these methods: Regression, Decision Trees, CART, Random Forest, Boosting, Evolutionary Programming, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Bayesian Belief Networks, Support Vector Machines, Ensemble Methods, Association Rules, Singular Value Decomposition, Principal Component Analysis, Clustering.
  • Experience in some of these applications: Collaborative Filtering, Personalization, Consumer Segmentation, Text Analytics, Information Retrieval, Search Relevance.
  • Solid data management and statistical modeling skills: SAS, R, Mahout, Matlab, Python (SciPy, NumPy), SQL and Excel.
  • Experience with Big Data. Distributed computing (e.g. map/reduce) is a plus, especially Hadoop, Mahout, Pig.
  • Strong problem solving and conceptual thinking abilities.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and deadline driven environment.


  • BE/BTech from Tier 1 colleges (IIT/ISI/NIT/BITS/BIT/IIIT/REC) in Computer Science/Statistics/IT/ECE stream
  • MS or Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Operations Research, Economics, or equivalent
  • 6-12 yrs of work experience which should include minimum 4 years experience in Data Science
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Senior Data Scientist

MakeMyTrip   •   Bengaluru