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4 - 6 yrs exp
4 - 6 yrs exp
About opportunityAbout opportunity

Do you want to be a part of Digital Business Transformation at Sapient & help companies thrive in the future? If yes, read on for exciting Career opportunity for Product Engineers.

You’ll never hear the term 'employee’ at Publicis.Sapient. Rather, you’ll see we talk about talented and valued individuals – people with interesting and provocative ideas, bold and diverse perspectives, a keen awareness of today and an unflinching curiosity about next. Our culture is all about the thriving of the 19,000 of us in 100+ offices around the globe, while we boldly help impact the success of our clients in a modern world.

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Job Summary

Software Development Engineers (SDEs) are the creative minds developing the software applications that make life easier for customers. Responsible for the entire development and support process for a software program. Your applications make previously complex tasks simple with the impact ranging from saving time, effort or money to re-defining normal. You balance exceptional delivery for customers on what matters, engaging team and colleagues, with the needs of the business.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Implement end-to-end components applying my understanding of a specific language and accompanying frameworks with minimal assistance.
  • Produce and refactor code without assistance, and observe basic hygiene practices.
  • Drive out features via appropriate test frameworks, e.g. drive out features via Junit tests
  • Apply understanding of different programming paradigms to influence the correct approach for a task.
  • Identify patterns in code and refactor the code where it increases understanding and/or maintainability with minimal guidance.
  • Translate small behavior requirements into tasks & code.
  • Develop high quality code that can lead to rapid delivery ruthlessly pursuing continuous integration and delivery.
  • Commit code early and often, demonstrating understanding of version control & branching strategies.
  • Apply understanding of patterns for integration (events/services).
  • Implement relevant project instrumentation.
  • Follow the best practices of continuous BDD/TDD/Performance/Security/Smoke testing.
  • Work effectively with product stakeholders to communicate and translate their needs into improvements in the product.
  • Support production systems, resolve incidents and perform root cause analysis.
  • Debug code and support/maintain the software solution.

Experience Guidelines

  • 4-6 years’ experience in Software development.
  • Proven working experience in Java (1.7 and higher)
  • Excellent knowledge of Relational Databases, SQL and ORM technologies (JPA2, Hibernate)
  • Experience in Spring Framework
  • Strong analytical skills with excellent problem-solving abilities.
  • Experience of best practice methodologies.
  • Experience of multiple programming language


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Projects this role will support

Being a part of Publicis.Sapient, you will work with top 10 clients across industry verticals – Retail, Travel, Banking and Financials, Education, Health and play an integral role in digital transformation for our clients

Career Progression

Career Progression at Publicis.Sapient is based on Leadership, Domain and Engineering competencies

Possible career-paths-Possible career-paths (From SDE – 1 till SSDE (Equivalent to Director) shall provide opportunities to deal with increasing levels of:

  • Abstraction -From getting occasional guidance to autonomy in component/module design to complete independence in designing architectural strategy
  • Complexit-From solving problems at class level to feature level to product architecture level in building exemplary architectures addressing robustness, scalability, stability & cost effectiveness
  • Delivery Execution -From being able to build, deploy and operate to improving performance of the product to guiding teams by example/review and POC for projects
  • Collaboration -From collaborating to mentoring to assess to Influencing business and technology direction
  • Continuous Improvement -From implementing operational metrics to simplifying processes to operation excellence to setting standards for engineering

Career progression shall be based on the ability & demonstration of

  • driving outcomes, results
  • dealing with increasing levels of ambiguity, breadth, depth
  • influencing diverse stakeholders technically, functionally through leadership, domain & engineering competencies
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Interview RoundsInterview rounds

The interview steps for this job would consist of 3 rounds which would be as follows :

Round 1 - Coding round (2-3 hours) scenario based

Round 2 - Domain round where there canbe 1/2 rounds of panel interviews depending on the candidate

Round 3 - AI Round (non technical round)

Hiring Team
About Publicis Sapient

Publicis Sapient, the digital business transformation hub of Publicis Groupe, helps clients drive growth and efficiency and evolve the ways they work, in a world where consumer behavior and technology are catalyzing social and commercial change at an unprecedented pace.

With 19,000 people and over 100 offices around the globe, our expertise spanning technology, data sciences, consulting and creative combined with our culture of innovation enables us to deliver on complex transformation initiatives that accelerate our clients’ businesses through creating the products and services their customers expect.

if you are someone who questions the status quo; those who want to reimagine the way the world works while realizing a smarter way for businesses to help improve the daily lives of people, the world and their careers, then we are the perfect place for you!

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