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SDE-1 / SDE-2


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I balance exceptional delivery for customers on what matters, engaging team and colleagues, with the needs of the business. I am an expert and often the first layer of management of people or projects.


  • Members of my Product team (Product Managers, Engineers and TPM’s).
  • Member of the Engineering community.


  • Experience of best practice methodologies.
  • Experience in one or more programming languages.


Software Development Engineers (SDEs) are the creative minds developing the software applications that make life easier for customers. Responsible for the entire development and support process for a software programme. Your applications make previously complex tasks simple with the impact ranging from saving time, effort or money to re-defining normal.


  • Written and verbal communication skills.
  • Problem solving, analysis and computational skills.
  • Innovative approach to problem solving.
  • Customer focus.


  • Use my in-depth knowledge of at least one major programming language,the framework and the tool ecosystem to implement end-to-end systems, which I’m able to do without assistance.
  • Profile and optimize code.
  • Produce test driven features in a specific programming language and demonstrate that I’m comfortable with the TDD cycle.
  • Apply my understanding of cohesion and the SOLID principles to create well structured, maintainable software.
  • Apply my understanding of threads, the threading model and concurrent programming.
  • Identify patterns in code and refactor the code towards them where it increases understanding and/or maintainability with minimal guidance.
  • Translate requirements into tasks & code.
  • Develop high quality code that can lead to rapid delivery. Ruthlessly pursuing continuous integration and delivery.
  • Commit code early and often, demonstrating my understanding of version control & branching strategies.
  • Automate everything by default.
  • Write secure code by default.
  • Write maintainable code and observe basic hygiene practices.
  • Demonstrate the importance of domain model and I coherently model a problem domain within a given context
  • Implement relevant project instrumentation.
  • Follow the best practices of continuous BDD/TDD/Performance/Security/Smoke testing.
  • Work effectively with my product stakeholders to communicate and translate their needs into improvements in my product.
  • Lead group discussions on design of particular areas and understand domain well enough to work with Product Managers to drive value
  • Support production systems, resolve incidents and perform root cause analysis.
  • Debug/find complex problems and support/maintain the software solution.
  • Share knowledge with the wider engineering community.
  • Mentor and develop those around me.
  • Produce proof of concepts to evaluate new tools.
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SDE-1 / SDE-2

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