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Research Engineer

American Express
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The Big Data Labs (BDL) of American Express Corporation based in Bangalore, India is looking for best in class Research Scientists (including Senior and Principal), Research Engineers (including Senior and Principal), Research Managers and Research Directors for “Machine Learning” group to work in a dynamic and rewarding workplace. BDL was started in 2012 and involves dynamic and talented researchers with Ph.D. or Masters degree from top tier institutes in India and abroad having research and product development expertise in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, High Performance Computing and related technical areas. The team is working on challenging research problems with real life relevance pertaining to progress the state of the art in science and develop products to solve business problems for American Express.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Develop new innovative technology solutions to business problems and demonstrate research solutions and prototypes
  • Transform research prototypes to products in collaboration with engineering teams and demonstrate quantifiable business benefits
  • Actively contribute to relevant scientific communities by publishing scholarly articles and invention disclosures, attending conferences and delivering presentations
  • Identify new research opportunities and spearhead innovation opportunities for the company
  • Develop strong collaborations with colleagues from global modelling and engineering teams as well as partners from business groups in areas of mutual interest
  • Pursue breakthrough research in a challenging and stimulating environment and demonstrate thought leadership
  • In addition Senior/Principal Research Scientists and Senior/Principal Research Engineers are expected to
  • Lead technical initiatives and mentor Scientists and Engineers respectively.
  • Liaise with business partners to create new business opportunities to solve business problems as well as ensure delivery of committed value proposition for American Express through the output of the research projects.
  • The candidate should also be visible in the external world through publishing of papers and attending conferences. Should help in the recruitment of the new talent for BDL as well as for GIM organization.
  • In addition Research Manager and Directors are expected to
  • Lead, build and manage a group of research scientists and engineers
  • Provide technical leadership to the team members in relevant topics
  • Demonstrate the ability to guide multiple projects.
  • Demonstrate flexible ‘start-up’ mindset to be able to drive business value in all the projects. Have strong partnership with engineering and business teams and drive the projects/prototypes to its natural conclusion. Good communication skill is a must for the role.


  • Penchant for creating new projects and executing them from conception to creating business impact through cutting edge research in relevant areas
  • Exposure to all areas of Machine Learning and expertise in selected topics such as unsupervised and supervised techniques, active learning, transfer learning, neural models, reinforcement learning, graphical models, Gaussian processes, Bayesian models, ertise in one or more of the following areas: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, High Performance Computing, Algorithms
  • Experience of solving practical problems by developing novel techniques pertaining to above areas. Track record of deploying solution leading to business and societal benefits would be hugely favoured.
  • Strong programming and coding experience in languages such as R, Python, C, C++, Java; experience on hadoop/ other large scale distributed computing platforms is desirable
  • Strong track record of creation of intellectual property i.e. patents and papers in reputed conferences and journals – especially for senior positions.
  • Qualification and experience: Ph.D., Masters and UGs in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering / Operations Research / Statistics/ Mathematics from institutes of global repute. We are currently looking for candidates at various experience level – from none to 10+years of experience. Depending on relevant experience, credentials as well as available positions band and level will be decided.
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Research Engineer

American Express   •   Bengaluru