Relationship Manager

5 - 9 yrs exp
5 - 9 yrs exp
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Larger Purpose/Impact of the role

What will the candidate be working on? What is the problem that they will be solving?

  • The candidate will be working on
  • Positioning Belong as a strategic partner by
    • solving a buyer- CXO level burning pain points
    • concept selling
    • effectively building relationships and navigating the organization's politics
    • driving adoption top-down
    • communicating value
  • Handling Renewals

How will their work impact the org and team's success? How will their contribution align with the companys;s vision and objectives

  • The work of an RM directly impacts every part of the company's funnel. It is also an excellent opportunity to build a network of outbound champions:

    • Revenue generating through renewals. Ideally as a company grows this should be able to lead 60% of revenue growth.
    • Using the top down push and concept sale, RM's can impact Hires
    • Being a customer facing team, RM gets real-time input from buyers that can be fed to product for the roadmap
    • Ensuring buyers are happy/believe in the vision/see success is critical to creating referencability within the industry and spreading the word of mouth

What is the growth potential for this role?

  • The natural/most immediate role that an RM can grow to:
  • Head the RM function
  • Move into sales
  • Move into product if he/she wishes

What is the opportunity for broader impact - How will they be making a difference in their industry or in the way the world works?

Ideally an RM is mapped to a relatively senior stakeholders in an organization. Therefore, he/she is in the best position to champion the outbound philosophy and the importance of belongingness: Phenomenal things happen when the right people come together at the right time. How can we make this happen?

What are its key success factors and requirements

What will make this person successful and what are the metrics on which they will be evaluated?

  • Metrics:
    • Upsell
    • Churn
    • NPS participation which is an indicator of ability to engage and create fans
    • References which is an indicator of ability to engage and create fans
  • What will make this person successful:

    • Ability to build relationships with people across levels: engage and create trust
    • Can instantly empathize with an individual's pain points/problems
    • Ability to sell
    • Can establish credibility quickly with people across levels of an enterprise company
    • Can work in unstructured situations
    • Likes solving problems

What kind of work should the candidate have experience in? Is there any project or industry preference?

  • For a person to build instant credibility he/she should ideally have worked with people at the CX bracket and/or have sales experience. What we have seen work well:
    • Consulting
    • Chief of Staff
    • MBA
    • Sales/AM at an enterprise company
    • Michael Page/LinkedIn

What specific skills and traits should this person possess?

  • The person should be able to:

    • Sell
    • Network well
    • Understand unstated intent
    • Problem solving skills
    • Ability to follow up
    • High degree of empathy

What are the monetary and performance-based incentives?

  • Varies based on the person's past work experience.

What type of people will succeed in this role?

What is the problem your company is solving - who would be interested in this problem?

  • People who have hired before or who have witnessed poor candidate experience would typically be interested in working at Belong. Also those who want to:
    • build an institution
    • learn by doing
    • work in unstructured environment
    • have the opportunity to grow vertically and laterally
    • see/feel that they are creating impact day in and day out.
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