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R&D Engineer - Machine Learning

3 to 8 years
3 to 8 years
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ABB is a global technology leader in industrial digitalization. ABB operates in more than 100 countries with about 136,000 employees. In India, ABB has been operating for over a century. At present, we have 40 factories at 9 locations that develop best-in-class products bringing together global expertise, with local experience. India is also home to ABB group’s largest engineering design and R&D center, where our engineers work on cutting-edge technologies to develop the future offerings from engineering tools to analytics solutions. ABB Global Industries and Services Private Limited (GISPL) is a company which has 5 functions to support ABB projects globally. We have 2000 employees as a part of this company serving in the areas of Research, Development, Engineering center and Regional ERP support center which contributes to ABB’s 5 divisions globally. In 2015 the company name was registered as ABB Global Industries and Services Private Limited (GISPL).
Tasks?- You as a R&D Engineer -Machine Learning will be responsible for:?- Understand multiple software paradigms like parallel, distributed, asynchronous?- Can relate systems and network level dynamics to software behavior and architecture SkillsShould have 3 to 5 years of experience in using Python and prominent ML libraries in Python (e.g. sklearn), ML tools like Apache Spark, Databricks. ?- Working knowledge of time-series analysis and knowledge of on-line ML and stream processing,

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Hiring Team
Vinay Kariwala and other hiring team at ABB in Bangalore

Vinay Kariwala

14+ years of experience and has worked on particle technology, Matlab, Mathematical Modeling

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R&D Engineer - Machine Learning

ABB   •   Bangalore