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Product Manager

4 - 8 years
4 - 8 years
Product management
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Product management

  About opportunity

Larger purpose and impact of the role

  • Music listening is fast expanding beyond apps to multiple platforms like Echo, Google Home etc, and this is a great opportunity for us to offer our music services to users in these new listening environments. We envision a seamless, multi-platform music streaming experience that caters to the changing trends in Music Listening.
  • The Product Manager for Platforms will help us build this reality by taking our music where our users are – across multiple platforms and devices.
  • The person will be working on bringing the joy of seamless music listening across key platforms like Alexa, Google Home and Assistant, Android Auto, Echo, Android TV and others. - The key task of this Product Manager would be to solve for music discovery, recommendation and playback in the context of these devices and its users
  • The PM will define user experiences ground-up for these platforms, working from his knowledge of users and the capabilities offered by these platforms; and working closely with tech and design teams to ship our offering on these platforms
  • Beyond presence on these platforms, the PM will be end-to-end owner of user KPIs on these platforms from acquisition to retention and develop & execute a backlog to improve user experience in each successive sprint.

Success factors and requirements

A successful candidate will help us achieve the following objectives:
- Breadth: Integrations with as many user platforms
- Awareness: Driving user awareness of presence of Wynk Music on Alternative Platforms.
- Penetration: Increasing number of multi-device users of Wynk Music.
- Usage: Both in terms of number of users and usage – on these alternative platforms.


  • A passionate product manager with 4-10 years’ experience of shipping end-to-end consumer products
  • The candidate should preferably have a tech background with interest in current technology trends
  • Someone with an entrepreneurial mindset who enjoys taking end-to-end ownership of the product and work across stakeholders to achieve the desired objectives for the product
  • Strong analytical skills, ability to define KPIs, KPI dashboards and success metrics. He/she should also be conversant with executing effective A/B tests for hypothesis testing.
  • User Centric Thinking- Ready to carry out first hand user research as well as dive into existing app usage data to back hypothesis for development on these platforms
  • Prioritization: The PM should be able to carry out effective prioritization of user-features balancing between user experience, business requirements and resourcing.

Type of people who succeed in such a role

  • A PM in digital space who has worked on products with end-to-end ownership
  • Someone who enjoys being tuned into the product and technology ecosystem across new apps, devices and technology trends
  • Someone who loves to collaborate and can work closely with design, tech-teams, platform partners, marketing and brand teams and the core music product team to bring the platform experience alive.
  • A customer advocate, who works in understanding our users through data and primary research and translates them to successful user facing features.
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Hiring Team
Sameer Batra and other hiring team at Wynk in Gurgaon

Sameer Batra

Working at companies like zinka logistics, punchh, tokopedia and has worked on Brand Management, Marketing, Management

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Product Manager

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