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Product Manager

Vida Digital Identity
5 Years
5 Years
Product Management
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Product Management

Perfect for people who

have 4+ years of experience and has worked on Analysis, Teamwork, Public Speaking

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VIDA provide end-to-end multi-modal biometric verification to solve identity verification
problem in the market. Our solution will cover end-to-end identity verification will simplify business process required by regulatory, the solutions are eKYC, Certificate Authority and secures by our Mobile Security in devices level.
Top 10 biometric algorithm certified by NIST, deployed and serve for 1.4 billion national identity across Europe, Middle East and Asia, supporting multimodal biometric (face, fingerprint and iris)
99,5% biometric verification accuracy
Hardware rooted mobile security in device level which running in 1.5 billion devices.
Most powerful Public Key Infrastructure software in the world


  • As part of the shareholder working team, be responsible for the planning, preparation, launch, lifecycle management and wider marketing mix of products & solutions relevant to the existing & potential clients.
  • Be one of the key leads in the new VIDA platform setup, and to work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders.
  • To collaborate closely with all functions of the Company for the achievement of the Company’s annual financial / business goals and for the establishment/review of the Company’s long-term product strategies and risk-control related initiatives.
  • Monitor and analyse market landscape for trends, opportunities, regulatory changes and competitor activity, as well as big data sources to enhance product controls.
  • Manage the implementation of key product initiatives in line with corporate strategy, funding, and priorities.
  • Part of SCRUM team as product owner who lead the user story and release plan.
  • Collaborate closely with the Compliance & Risk Management team in leading to develop, implement and improve in the following areas:
  • Product life cycle management
  • Product governance framework
  • Collaborate closely with the Finance and Marketing team in leading to develop, implement
    and improve in the following areas:
  • Products rationalisation
  • Pricing Structure and Methodology
  • Leads production innovation
  • Management of product mix and portfolio
  • Development and implementation of customer retention, loyalty, up & cross selling
    programs, projects and activities.
  • Management of products & services with end-to-end responsibility from
    opportunity identification to product Implementation
  • Ensure documentation as part of product deliverable items, including but not limited to:
  • New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Product FAQs
  • Product User Manual
  • Technical integration specification


  • Understand the market, customer, and competitive landscape, including new technologies and trends in the space.
  • Understand and define the voice of the operator user.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • Min 5 years of experience building online/technology products.
  • Agile Certified Product Owner/ SCRUM
  • Track record of success in the full lifecycle of product management
  • Experience managing decisions and escalations that require executive coordination and sign-off.
  • Technical, with a track record of complex product work
  • Exceptional communications skills
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Product Manager

Vida Digital Identity   •   Bengaluru