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Principal Scientist

15 to 24 years
15 to 24 years
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  About opportunity

The challenge

Search is a critical part of Adobe’s Cloud offering. Creative professionals and novice users alike need quick access to their digital assets, libraries, the variety of creative content, and documents they work with every day, from brushes to colors, images, videos and beyond. They need to find and discover what they’ve created, the things that have been shared with them, and even search marketplace such as Adobe Stock or community such as Behance.

We are building new search platform that powers suits of Adobe product lines such as Adobe’s Creative Cloud product, Marketing Cloud, and Document Cloud by enabling the world’s best creative tools, leading cloud services for managing creative assets, and the leading marketplace such as Adobe Stock. Search platform will have to cater to millions of users and billions of entities. Isn’t it exciting? Become part of this growing team at Adobe and have a phenomenal impact by providing search, browse, machine learning and recommendation across the creative suites of products at Adobe. Search is at the very core of the service offered to our customers, with 13 languages covered, and millions of users touched every day. The objective is to make search a world class, leading edge, differentiating product in terms of search effectiveness and experience. We match the pace, innovation and excitement of a startup, backed by the resources and infrastructure of Adobe!

How can you participate? We’re looking for a top notch search engineering leadership in the area of information retrieval, search indexing, Elasticsearch, Lucene, algorithms, relevance & ranking, data mining, machine learning, data analysis & metrics, query processing, multi-lingual search, and search UX. This is an opportunity to make a huge impact in a fast-paced, startup-like environment in great company. Join us!


Work on Big data, data ingestion, search indexing, data mining, big data, Hadoop, deep learning, recommendations, and performance by developing a Search platform at Adobe that would power Adobe product lines such as Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Apply data mining and machine learning to improve the ranking and recommendations as part of search work-flow. Build platform to index billions of images, documents and other assets in real-time. Maintain and optimize search engine, identify new ideas to evolve it, develop new features and benchmark possible solutions, in terms of search relevance, recommendations but also user experience, performance and feasibility. Build these products using technologies such as Elastic Search, REST web services, SQS/Kafka, Machine Learning, and more.

What you need to succeed

  • BS or MS in Computer Science
  • Minimum 8-10 years of relevant experience in industry
  • Experience in engineering SaaS based software development
  • Experience with search engine technology, and inverted indexes
  • Experience with Elastic Search/SolR, and AWS.
  • Hands on experience with Java, Python, and PHP.
  • Hands on experience in Big data processing, Hadoop and Spark.
  • Hands on experience in building indexing pipeline.
  • Experience in machine learning and data mining.
  • Experience in Web services and REST.
  • Experience in RDBMS & NOSQL database.
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Hiring Team
Anirban Basu and other hiring team at Adobe in Noida

Anirban Basu

15+ years of experience and has worked on SDLC, PL/SQL, Apache Pig

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Principal Scientist

Adobe   •   Noida