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Principal Engineer

14 - 20 years
14 - 20 years
Linux internals
Linux Kernel
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Linux internals
Linux Kernel

  About opportunity

What you will do

Cisco is looking for an exceptionally technical, creative and talented Principal Engineer (PE) to work with our datacenter team. You will be responsible for driving technical aspects of the teams’ projects, working with leadership to identify and implement innovative technologies. You will architect and design new software product features, help drive projects to completion, define system technical use cases and architecture specification in alignment with datacenter business/product requirements. You will also help us evaluate newer and emerging technologies and determine its applicability to our current and future projects. You will closely collaborate with teams of business development, product management and engineering execution.

Who you will work with

Our team that you will work with, develops the complete Network Operating System stack built on top of Linux. The team is responsible for almost all aspects of the datacenter products, right from the OS core to system infrastructure to network protocols. Other primary areas of work include kernel networking stack, app hosting infrastructures like guest shell and containers, security, software modularity, manageability, various programmability aspects, etc. The team
works in close collaboration with multiple platform development teams to enable this OS on existing and future platforms.

Our team also develops forward-looking applications, solutions and infrastructure. This is a unique opportunity to drive an innovative technical roadmap for multiple datacenter product lines, to make a differentiating impact in the industry for Cisco.

Who you are

You need to be a very strong, passionate, hands-on engineer/lead who can:

  • Work on Linux kernel, OS Infrastructure, System design areas.
  • Hands on with architecture, design and development of networking technologies.
  • Partner with test org to automate and build joint infrastructure that serves both unit-test and feature integration test.
  • Build new, modular, scalable features across a wide range of next-gen products.
  • Innovate and develop solutions to revolutionize for the next generation manageability,security and modularity.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with technical interfaces in multi-locations/sites.

Primary Skills:

  • Strong background on linux kernel with ability to quickly suggest newer/alternative ideas, design modules and debug scale issues. This includes areas around Linux
    kernel networking stack, process/thread scheduler algorithms, etc.
  • Strong C, OS and basic networking protocols knowledge. Should have hands-on exposure to user-space process models like pthread based multi-threading, concurrency and reentrancy.
  • Reasonable knowledge in any scripting tool, preferably Python.

Additional Skills Preferred:

  • Background on various Linux-based software package management modules like RPMs.
  • Experience working in areas of app hosting infrastructures like guest-shell, containers/dockers, etc.
  • Understanding of various config management tools involved in the installation and management of software like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc.
  • Basic understanding of various data modelling language like Yang, etc.


  • Any graduate or post-graduate.


  • Atleast 10 years of relevant experience in the area of above-mentioned primary skills.
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Principal Engineer

Cisco   •   Bengaluru