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Outbound Expert (TA)

1 - 3 years
1 - 3 years
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  About opportunity

Why Belong?

At Belong, we believe people are more than the skills they pick up, their work experiences, or the designations they hold. Because to build anything that lasts—be it a company, a social movement or an institution—we need to connect on a level beyond all that. We are human beings with aspirations and values, not human resources, and we are meant to belong. Our vision is to make this a global reality.

What will you be working on? What is the problem you will be solving?

  • Be a custodian for a great candidate and customer experience, through the hiring process
  • Manage and execute Hiring Drives for Belong’s enterprise customers
  • Onboard new users/customers on to the product.
  • Run Trials for prospective clients, Be involved in making an account successful during the trial period
  • Become a trusted partner to the users of Belong’s Hiring product
  • Be an expert user of Belong’s Hiring product and the Outbound Method of hiring
  • Collaborate with recruiters, hiring managers and candidates to close critical positions for Belong’s enterprise customers
  • Source candidates, schedule interviews and run the hiring process on behalf of our customers.

What specific skills and traits should this person possess?

  • Ability to execute, show composure and professionalism in a fast paced/high flux working environment
  • Strong communication - Be effortless in building rapport with candidates and recruiters
  • Empathise with the candidate’s aspirations and the recruiter’s/hiring manager’s expectations
  • Expert at sourcing candidates based on Job Description/Opportunity profile
  • Be methodical and pay attention to details
  • Proficient in learning and using different software products

What is the growth potential for this role?

Hiring is a huge problem to solve. With our “Theory of everything” approach i.e the vision of solving the problem of Belongingness end to end, our core offering of helping people hire will need to be taken to more and more users.
Any Outbound Hiring Expert who becomes part of the team will get have opportunities to go on to excel in becoming Product Onboarding Lead, Program manager, Manager - Outbound Hiring Experts, Customer Success Manager, Product Training Specialist, Outbound Hiring Evangelist and Outbound Community Head.

How will you be making a difference in the industry or in the way the world works?

As a Outbound Hiring Expert, you would contribute in Belong’s journey to re-define the HR industry. To make such a huge shift happen, we need to lead from the front in championing the Outbound way of hiring and support customers in their transition to adopt the Outbound way - something that you would to be an expert at :)


The role is based out of our office in Bangalore. The role will also require you to travel to other metro-cities in India on a need basis ( for a duration of 1-3 weeks ranging anywhere from twice in a quarter to twice in a year).
If whatever is written above resonates with your aspirations, we’d love to have a conversation. We’re holding interviews for this role on 18th May in Bangalore.
Reach-out to kautuk@belong.co

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Outbound Expert (TA)

Belong   •   Bengaluru