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Oracle Database Admin

Airtel X Labs
6 to 10 years
6 to 10 years
68% Matching
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  About opportunity

  • Experienced as an Oracle database Administrator with specialization in ASM, RAC or Exadata.
  • Excellent working experience in Oracle 11g and Oracle 12c
  • Experience in handling complex database recovery scenarios
  • Good expertise in Oracle s/w installation, configurations DB upgrades/patching/migrations in Oracle 11g & 12c
  • Data replication with Oracle data guard (Physical standby) I (Oracle 11g & 12c)
  • Oracle RAC administration & Configuration /backup recovery/performance trouble shooting
  • Working experience in of Oracle RAC clusters, Data guard, 10g/11g/12c Grid control
  • Backup and recovery with RMAN
  • Troubleshooting oracle instance/SQL performance issues
  • Data replication with Oracle Golden Gate
  • Experience as ORACLE DBA (Oracle 10g/11g /12c/ Oracle RAC) on SUSE Linux, AIX, Solaris and Windows platforms
  • Database Design, creation, Database Estimation/Sizing
  • Very good SQL and Shell scripting knowledge, cron jobs, dbms jobs
  • Excellent in DB troubleshooting skills and Performance Tuning, AWR, ADDM
  • OEM configuration and troubleshooting
  • Perform database tuning including monitoring, troubleshooting and optimizing performance of the databases
  • Develop archival, backup and recovery strategy
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Oracle Database Admin

Airtel X Labs   •   Gurgaon