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NLP Engineer

2 to 15 years
2 to 15 years
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Job Summary:
These are exciting times, and in our relentless focus to build a better working world, we are embracing the world of products, cloud and scale to help us serve our clients more effectively and efficiently. We have refocused our Technology teams to work exclusively on client technologies while embarking on the journey of multi-tenant, frictionless, global, cloud-based & scalable products. If you take great professional pride in applying machine learning and AI techniques to build and intelligent products that delight an ever evolving and very discerning user base, you should seriously consider applying.

Essential Functions of the Job:
As an AI engineer @EYT, you will be in the thick of things! You will work on the most difficult & fun phases of product engineering, including :

  • Understanding and applying latest AI techniques
  • Processing huge amount of data and extracting relevant information from them
  • Deploying the models for various use cases

Analytical/Decision Making Responsibilities:
- Be very strong in algorithms, data structures, problem solving, building to scale by leveraging cloud computing
- Handle ambiguity and able to move forward with imperfect information and get things done in a rapidly changing environment
- Must be comfortable working in an environment where ideas are challenged;
- Astute in aligning effort & resources to achieve desired results

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:
- Solid understanding of ML/NLP algorithms including supervised and unsupervised learning, support vector machines, word vector representations, language/sequence modelling, parsing, sentiment analysis, sentence classification, sequence to sequence learning
- In depth knowledge of deep learning methods including recurrent neural networks, Long short-term memory (LSTM) networks, recursive neural networks, autoencoders
- Demonstrated expertise in solving business problems using ML/NLP solutions
- Strong programming skills in c++/java/R and python
- Experience with libraries such as Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK), Stanford CoreNLP, OpenNLP

Following skills would be a strong plus:

  • Good knowledge of deep learning hardware and software
  • GPUs, TPUs and CPUs
  • TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe
  • Experience with deploying machine/deep learning solutions in the cloud

Supervision Responsibilities:
The frequency of supervisory contact, degree to which the individual acts independently and on what kinds of issues.
i.e., assigning work, reviewing performance, direct or indirect responsibility.

Other Requirements:
Regular international and domestic travel. Reasonable extension of the working day should be expected commensurate with the needs to fulfil the obligations of the role.

Job Requirements:
Required: Master’s/Ph.D degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering in the area of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML)

Preferred: Masters or PhD in Computer Science, MIS or equivalent from a Tier 1 school (example. IIT, IIIT, BITS, NIT, MIT, Stanford etc)


  • 6-10 years of overall experience in building machine learning solutions.
    You are Glocal, ie.
  • Can coordinate / collaborate with teams & stakeholders in multiple geographies
  • Can quickly form strong working relationships with colleagues within and outside your location
  • Solid business acumen, management and marketing communication skills
  • Significant experience in presenting ideas, papers, patents to varied audiences
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Hiring Team
Soumen Ray and other hiring team at EY in Bangalore

Soumen Ray

Director of Data Science with 15+ years of experience

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NLP Engineer

EY   •   Bangalore