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.Net Full Stack Developer

United Health Group
8 - 15 years
8 - 15 years
68% Matching
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  About opportunity

Here at Rally we believe in teamwork, communication, trust and not taking ourselves too seriously. We believe in the power of small teams. We believe in supporting personal growth and the importance of nurturing a great culture.
We need to do a lot with a small team, so it’s important to use the right tools for the right job and be willing to change down the line if we find a more efficient solution. We also believe in “strong opinions, weakly held,” being humble, and accepting and giving feedback. Engineers have a large amount of autonomy in how they work, who they work with, when they work, and are responsible for a large part of driving project functionality and seeing things through to completion. Quality code helps us do more – making communication better through code readability decreases the cost of maintenance to ensure we don’t work weekends. Developers are given complete ownership over their projects from design to implementation, testing, deployment, and production maintenance, and if a developer has a great idea for a product improvement, it’s always welcome. We believe in sharing the experience through design reviews, code reviews, and technology presentations.
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About you:

  • You can leverage domain driven design in your architecture, e.g. bounded context and CQRS
  • You can architect, build and ship highly scalable systems, libraries, and frameworks
  • You can write backend code using primarily .NET
  • You can contribute to frontend code stack in ReactJS or other Javascript framework
  • You have a strong background in C# or another compiled language, along with expert-level design & development
  • You have strong unit testing experience (Nunit, xUnit) and familiarity with integration testing
  • You have commercial experience with distributed, high-performance systems
  • Database and caching experience, SQL and NoSQL (SQL, Postgres)
  • Experience developing APIs and web microservices
  • Experience with cloud based services and hosting (AWS EC2, etc.)
  • If you are involved with open source projects, that’s a plus
  • You are comfortable with Git
  • Exposure to JavaScript based framework like AngularJS/ReactJS
  • 3 or more years of real industry experience

What you will build

Employers with 101 to 3,000 employees have access to digital onboarding, which can help people select an appropriate health plan based on their personal health and financial preferences. The Choice platform offers a step-by-step process to help make plan enrollment simple and straightforward, with an online health survey that enables people to identify and select relevant clinical, wellness, or financial programs available to them, such as behavioral health, weight loss, pregnancy support, spending accounts, and others. The tools help make it easier for people to configure, select, use, and understand their health benefits. For administrators, Choice offers tools and reports to help manage employee populations and benefits year round.
The Choice platform is built using distributed, scalable .NET microservices with SQL Server and Postgresdatabases for storing data. The event-sourced architecture makes Choice flexible so it can deliver value for differing employee and employer needs. The cloud-based infrastructure allows Choice to meet demand during the peak enrollment season and scale down in the off season.
As member of the Choice team, you will continue to grow the platform for year-round benefit administration. The functionality you build will make the platform even more flexible so it can handle the complexities and intricacies of the health insurance industry. You will enhance existing services and create new ones using .NET (4.5 and Core) on the back end and React JS on the front end.

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.Net Full Stack Developer

United Health Group   •   Hyderabad