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microsoft dynamics CRM Consultant

ITC Infotech
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4 to 9
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  About opportunity

Desired Skills & Experience

Minimum Requirements

4+ years’ experience with software development, specifically around Microsoft Technologies like MS .NET MVC, MS Dynamics College or University degree in Computer Science or a related discipline

Core Competency Requirements

  • Proficient with developing, deploying, customizing and integration
  • Demonstrated proficiency in installing and deploying Organizations
  • Demonstrated proficiency in customizing and creating entities
  • Demonstrated proficiency in understanding and implementing business workflows and processes
  • Demonstrated proficiency in using the either the SDK or plugin platforms.
  • Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft .NET 3.5+ development using C#
  • Experience with source control management systems and continuous integration/deployment environments
  • Internally motivated, able to work proficiently both independently and in a team environment
  • Proven communication skills with both internal team members and external business stakeholders
  • Strong initiative to find ways to improve solutions, systems, and processes

Preferred Competency Requirements

  • Experience with supporting Microsoft products (SQL Server, SharePoint, IIS, Lync)
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
  • Experience working on an agile development team.
  • Collaborate with other software developers, business analysts, software architects and IT professionals
  • Develop and maintain a platform roadmap.
  • Customize the system to meet the business needs of the company.
  • Integrate existing systems and services into the MS architecture.
  • Assist with deployment and provisioning activities
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microsoft dynamics CRM Consultant

ITC Infotech   •   Bengaluru