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Lead Software Engineer

2 - 5 years
2 - 5 years
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  About opportunity

MoEngage is an Intelligent Marketing Cloud, built for the Mobile-first world. With MoEngage, companies can orchestrate campaigns across channels like push, email, in-app messaging, web push, and SMS, with auto-optimization towards higher conversions powered by machine learning. Traditionally, marketing clouds are expensive to implement, hard to learn and rule-based.
At MoEngage, we have built an enterprise solution that is easier to use, elegantly designed, fully integrated and is learning-based. MoEngage is the leader in the mobile engagement market, with presence across Asia, Europe, and the US. MoEngage works with Consumer businesses across the world including Fortune 500 brands like Samsung, Deutsche Telekom, Hearst, Prudential, Vodafone and Internet-first companies like Flipkart Group, Tokopedia, Traveloka, Gaana, and Oyo. MoEngage enables hyper-personalization at scale by analyzing 300+ million users and delivering 30+ billion interactions every month.

What our team does

Our team is responsible for analyzing billions of events done by millions of users, as they do, and run a set of predefined campaigns on them and calculate real time click/conversion stats on the engagements by MoEngage suite of products.
We process, in real time, more than 1 Billion events a day. On an average day we send more than 10 million Intelligent push notifications through our systems and build stats for them, all in real time. Processing Speed is super critical to everything we do, because we can’t send “Your breakfast is here” message in the afternoon. We have to build and evolve products keeping this in mind.
As a team member, you will be constantly challenged to save those extra milliseconds and nanoseconds from your processing time. You will have to design and build robust systems which can sustain sudden spikes of 5x without showing any processing delay or abnormal behaviour. We are a small and close-knit team, we believe in learning and growing together.

Must have

  • B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech in Computer Science
  • Minimum 4+ years of hands-on development experience.
  • Good knowledge on developing backend applications with expertise in one of the backend programming languages like Python, Java etc. Java is Preferred.
  • Experience in working on systems at very high throughput (requests > 5k/second)
  • Experience in working on streaming systems like Kafka, Spark, Samza is a plus
  • Experience in building and scaling products from scratch is a huge plus


  • You will be responsible for products end to end from design to development to delivery.
  • You will also be responsible for the infrastructure and scaling up the systems to meet the load requirements.
  • Therefore, you will have to plan for availability, scalability and resilience beforehand at the time of designing/building.
  • You will also be required to be in continuous communication with the Product Managers and other stakeholders to properly understand the customer requirement and build systems accordingly.
  • You are expected to build systems with using best practices, proper documentation and tests along with monitoring and alerting.
  • You are also expected to mentor other team members in design and development phase of the product and review code to achieve Open Source level code/product quality.
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Lead Software Engineer

MoEngage   •   Bengaluru