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Lead Product Manager - Supply/Operations

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Product Management at Bounce is all about making an impact – we’re responsible for solving the right problems at the right time in the right manner! Product Managers here work across a wide array of problems in Consumer, Keyless IOT, Supply/Operations and Data Products teams. We drive both strategy and execution in collaboration with engineers, designers, operations, supply chain and marketing.

Our Supply/Operations team works on areas like the core Task Engine for Operations team, servicing & inventory management, supply chain management and personnel management.

We’re looking for an experienced product manager to lead our Data Products team. As the Product Owner for these areas, you will be expected to lead the team all the way from problem discovery to creating tangible business impact.


  • Be the Product Owner for core search to booking flow, scooter handling and ride experience
  • Develop product vision, strategy and roadmap for the above areas
  • Set and achieve OKRs for the above areas
  • Manage a team of 2-4 PMs/analysts
  • Ship fast without sacrificing quality; then leverage data and feedback for iterations
  • Collaborate closely with counterparts in engineering, design, data and business teams


  • 5+ years of Product Management experience in B2B/SaaS, supply chain, logistics/operations, mobility, IoT or automotive space
  • At least 1 year of experience managing a team of Product Managers
  • Hands-on experience building products from scratch: prototyping, launching, iterating and scaling
  • Ability to handle complexity and ambiguity: deep dives through user research and analytics, business acumen, strong problem-solving skills
  • “Product Owner” mindset: managing competing priorities, influencing stakeholders, identifying opportunities, driving outcomes
  • Ability to communicate and present with clarity and conviction
  • Degree in Engineering, preferably Computer Science, Electrical, Electronics or Mechanical
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Lead Product Manager - Supply/Operations

Bounce   •   Bengaluru