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Lead Frontend Developer

7 - 11 years
7 - 11 years
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  About opportunity

MoEngage Inc. is a technology company based out of Bangalore and San Francisco. We are focused on solving the problem of retention and engagement in mobile apps and websites. We built a User Analytics and Engagement platform to help app companies understand user behaviour in real time and deliver personalised interactions (big data personalisation at scale). We work with most of the top consumer-internet companies in India across E-commerce, Travel, Food, etc. We are a fast-growing team of young people, who worked earlier at mobile and startup companies.
We have seen a considerable growth since the inception of the company, to give a sense of scale we deal with, imagine receiving 5 billion interactions in a month from major e-commerce, travel and food companies together on a global scale. Maintaining the infrastructure on such a scale is a huge challenge. We face interesting and exciting challenges on a daily basis, ingesting high rate of data from users (more than 2.5k per second) means things like scalability, availability and efficiency are hugely important.


  • You must be proficient in Problem Solving and Data structures since you got to find the best way of handling huge set of data.
  • At least 5 years of product development experience with expertise in designing and implementing high-performance web applications
  • Strong hands-on experience in developing web applications using JavaScript
  • Strong hands-on experience with JAVASCRIPT, OOPS Concepts.
  • Build tools such as grunt, gulp, webpack.
  • Exceptional debugging skills and knowledge on browser developer tools
  • Familiar with RESTful APIs to connect applications to back-end services
  • Familiar with optimization techniques (both in file weight and perceived/actual processing speed), debugging techniques, dynamic content retrieval, state management e.g: (Redux), cross-browser support.
  • Experience in optimizing the application for performance and scalability using CDN, caching, etc
  • Deep experience developing modular, object-oriented JavaScript.
  • Strong command of the HTTP protocol and the latest web standards.
  • Must have knowledge about Javascript SDK.
  • Must have used ES6/TypeScript.

Good to have:

  • Strong hands-on experience in developing Javascript SDK.
  • Strong experience and knowledge in single page frameworks using ReactJS and ability to design the architecture of single page applications.
  • Knowledge on Node server, Socket connections and mechanisms to handle real-time async data would be a plus.


  • Work at Scale and challenge yourself
  • Free to choose your own tech gear
  • Work with a smart team which grew up in the Mobile First world
  • Free lunch & Snacks, caffeine all day
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Hiring Team
Suresh Lakshmanan and other hiring team at MoEngage in Bengaluru

Suresh Lakshmanan

Working at companies like hike, zynga, goibibo and has worked on C++, Solution Architecture, DNS

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Lead Frontend Developer

MoEngage   •   Bengaluru