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Head of Data Science - Cuddle.ai


6 to 15 years
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Personality Traits
- Ability to work independently under tight deadlines with accountability.
- Strong results driven personality with a high level of enthusiasm, energy and confidence.
- Strong problem-solving skills.

Required Skills
- In-depth knowledge of various Natural Language Processing/Understanding (NLP/NLU) domains such as entity extraction, speech recognition, topic modeling, parsing, question answering, etc.
- Expertise in text mining (probabilistic topic model, word association mining, ontology learning, semantic similarity, etc.)
- Expertise in NLP/NLU (word representation, relation extraction, natural language inference, semantic parsing, etc.)
- Excellent background in Machine Learning (generative model, discriminative model, neural network, regression, classification, clustering, etc.)
- Experience in deep learning on NLP/NLU is a big plus
- Extensive experiences in using NLP related techniques/algorithms such as HMM, CRF, deep learning & recurrent ANN, word2vec/doc2vec, Bayesian modeling, etc.
- Experience in applied statistics including sampling approaches, modeling, and data mining techniques
- Experience in building analytical models and working with structured and unstructured data
- Experience with data structures and algorithms; ability to work in a Unix environment and building robust data processing and analytics pipelines
- Contributions to research communities, e.g. ACL, NIPS, ICML, EMNLP, etc. is a Plus

- You will be part of a high impact team that’s building the next generation of intelligence and language understanding for Cuddle
- Build text/voice-based search engine and question answering system for Cuddle
- You’ll utilize the latest techniques in AI, ML (including Deep Learning approaches) and NLU
- Build topic analysis, text classification, named entity recognition methods for unstructured and semi-structured data
- Develop and perform text classification using methods such as logistic regression, decision trees, SVM and maximum entropy classifiers
- Perform text mining, generate and test working hypotheses, prepare and analyze historical data and identify patterns
- Generate creative solutions (patents) and publish research results in top conferences (papers)

- PhD. /Master’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or related fields
- 2+ years of ML + NLP experience
- Software programming in Java or Python
- Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases
- Knowledge of open source machine learning libraries like scikit-learn, tensorflow, NLP tool as NLTK

Hiring Team
Prashant Joshi and other hiring team at Fractal Analytics in Bengaluru

Prashant Joshi

Has worked on Machine Learning, Matlab, Data Analysis and 12+ years of experience

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Head of Data Science - Cuddle.ai

Fractal Analytics   •   Bengaluru