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Engineering Manager

Airtel X Labs
8 - 11 years
8 - 11 years
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  • End-to-end responsibility of one or more Airtel Digital Platform including technical architecture, timely delivery and operational stability.
  • Generate innovative ideas to increase customer traffic, improve visitor conversion and customer NPS
  • Leading a team of 15+ Top notch engineers
  • Ability to work on quick, fast paced agile environment.


  • An ideal candidate would have experience building large-scale distributed scalable systems. Building such a system in the context of a high traffic web application would be an added advantage. You should naturally understand fault tolerance and graceful degradation – and what it takes to convert theory to practise.
  • Extremely strong coding skills in Java (preferred) or any other modern object oriented languages is required. A broad exposure (including when to use) for few of these technologies is expected – no sql stores (Aerospike/Couchbase/Redis/Mongo), messaging (kafka/rabbitMQ), Angular/React, Apache/nginx/tomcat, databases (mysql/Oracle).
  • Good exposure on understanding the DevOps environment e.g. (Automation, CI & CD) and co-ordinating with operations team to drive business excellence.
  • You will be working closely with product and marketing teams to deliver a successful online product.
  • You should be able to break down a complex problem into chewable components for individual engineers to implement. Ensuring a strong engineering culture (sprint plans, code reviews, KPI-driven logging) is expected from this role.
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Hiring Team
Amit Parashar and other hiring team at Airtel X Labs in Gurgaon

Amit Parashar

Has previously worked with companies like Smart Insight Corporation, IBM and currently working at Airtel India

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Engineering Manager

Airtel X Labs   •   Gurgaon