Engineering Head

12 - 14 yrs exp
12 - 14 yrs exp
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About opportunityAbout opportunity

Skill set

  • Insurance and Consumer Finance
  • Platform Architecture
  • Product Engineering
  • API and SDK Integrations

Our Purpose and Impact

Tathastu is Future Group’s vision to provide consumers a new-age retail experience - combining the physical with digital and enhancing it with data. We are leading the creation of next generation consumer interactions by combining artificial intelligence and, data science with consumer platforms. Tathastu offers an ideal playground for product leaders, data scientists and innovators alike. Tathastu is designed as an entrepreneurs’ haven that encourages everyone to work with the "Owner's mindset”. Our vision is to foster new and limitless imagination for consumers, entrepreneurs & partners.

As a part of this experience, FG&G is building Zero-to-One products in the insurance (life and general) space in joint venture with Europe’s largest insurance provider, the Generali Group. These insurance products will be integrated with other B2C and B2B products and offerings of Future Group, and we are currently looking for a Chief Technology Officer who will drive the platform development and integrations with other businesses and products.

Chief Technology Officer:

What you’ll be doing:

  • You’ll align the engineering vision, develop and manage engineering roadmaps, in conjunction with product and business roadmaps, to develop a customer-centric insurance platforms and products, with simplified B2C interfaces
  • You’ll be responsible for building a robust, flexible and scalable insurance distribution platform to accommodate all kinds of insurance products, including retail and group, across life, general and health insurance
  • You’ll be the hands-on architect designing the platform architecture, leading the development of insurance across web and mobile (Android and iOS), and integrating consumer journeys across various Future Group platforms, including Future Pay, NBFC
  • You’ll be responsible for building and maintaining API integrations with the insurance and credit providers to deliver end to end integration for sales and service and for UPI, Payments, e-KYC, Alternate KYC, e-NACH, e-Mandate and auto-debit features of the products
  • You’ll determine the metrics to evaluate the technical and operational success of our Fintech products, and build reporting dashboards for both sales management and regulatory reporting

What you’ll bring to the team:

  • Your understanding of the Fintech and consumer ecosystem, NBFCs and the regulations, compliance and legalities of Insurance in India
  • Your understanding of the technology stack options, both Open Source and Enterprise, in the insurance domain to build Indian products and platforms
  • Your experience in leading the engineering teams that built successful web and mobile-app based platforms, and customer facing financial products from conception to development, scaling and maintenance
  • Your ability to recruit, develop and strengthen multi-disciplinary, high performing product engineering teams and to work with any outsourced vendors as may be required for specific capabilities
  • Your ability to work with cross functional teams (Product, Data Science, Business) to strategize, implement and execute short term and long term engineering and business roadmaps


Tathastu offers complex business cases to solve, while working in an environment of “Learning, Sharing and Growing”

Interview process and prep notes

At Tathastu, we believe in ‘live in’ interviews, where you will spend a week and work from our offices. In this duration you’ll get a flavour of what’s unique about our culture and working style and also go through our in-depth interview process

Scenario Assessment

Problem Solving, Simulation Exercise, Business Acumen, Ideation

Show us your ability to identify problems, collaborate, innovate and ideate in a competitive and fast moving environment, to eventually build the best products and product features, with an eye for business growth and domination.

Past Project Assessment

Implementation, Execution, ROI On Actions/ Decisions, Scope Of Improvement, Business Turnaround

After the thorough assessment of the basic prerequisite abilities, we shall continue by understanding more about your previous work, key professional milestones and other important aspects of your work, including your timing, skill in implementation and execution. We will go through the business, ROI impact due to your decisions in the past, and have a candid discussion on areas of improvement.

Role Based Assessment

Ideation, Business Model Design, Business Acumen,Revenue Generation & Understanding

Now that we are cognisant of your abilities, proven skills & experience, be prepared to answer tricky questions on Ideation, Business Models and Revenue Generation.

Team Fitment

Behavioural Assessment, Culture Fit, Project Knowledge, Role Operation

Be yourself. It works out better for everyone if we're genuine. Everyone here is focused on our mission, so you should figure out what it is.

At Tathastu, we have a unique and value driven culture that we stand for. We’d like to get to know you better and see how we can succeed together.


  • Indianness: Believing in the Indian way and in oneself
  • Leadership: In thought and in business
  • Respect & Humility: In dealing with everyone within & outside the organization
  • Introspection: For continuous learning, self-development and personal excellence
  • Openness & Adaptability: Open to new ideas, knowledge and proactive in meeting challenges emerging from changing business scenarios
  • Valuing and Nurturing Relationships: With customers, business associates, stakeholders, communities and society
  • Simplicity & Positivity: To foster innovation, speed and imagination
  • Flow: Learn and be inspired from the universal laws of nature


  • Rolling recognitions
  • Data wins debates
  • Rolling appraisals
  • Open door meetings
  • Rewards for risks
  • 30 mins daily reflections
  • ‘Yes, and’ or ‘Yes, let’s’ meetings
  • Clarity and simplicity in Presentations
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About Tathastu

Tathastu, is the AI and data sciences organization powered by Future Group’s extensive consumer businesses. Our vision is to create next-generation technology platforms here in India that foster new and limitless imagination for consumers, colleagues and entrepreneurs. We offer the largest AI/ML playground of consumer data for data scientists, AI experts and technologists to build upon. Tathastu operates on four pillars: Commerce, Fulfilment, FinTech and Data.

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