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Engineering Director

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14+ Years
big data
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big data

  About opportunity

Myntra’s Engineering team builds the technology platform that empowers our customers’ shopping experience and enables the smooth flow of products from suppliers to our customers’ doorsteps. We work on areas such as building massive-scale web-applications, engaging user-interfaces, big-data analytics, mobile apps, workflow systems, inventory management etc. We are a small technology team where each individual has a huge impact. You will have the opportunity to be part of a rapidly growing organization and gain exposure to all the parts of a comprehensive ecommerce platform

You will be part of: Analytics

Myntra’s cloud based big data platform is highly scalable and processes over 1.8 billion events per day. Over the last one year, we are on a journey to product-ize data platform and offer Data ingestion, streaming, processing and visualization as self-serve offerings for Myntra’s data consumers. We use the best-of-breed open source components as starting points to build out these capabilities. The team has built a Big Data Platform to ingest data from a variety of data sources, standardize metrics and build data & analytics products .

You will get to work on managing large data stores (both relational data-warehouses as well as non-relational stores like HDFS) and learn about how to build mammoth-scale event collection and processing systems. You will also learn a lot of the business, as this team is also responsible for calculating all the key business metrics for each team. Myntra’s ML platform (borg.ai) is a recent journey that we started that strives to offer ML Inferencing @ Scale and ML Training @ Scale. Since Myntra ML is Python + Spark, we are building an ML serving layer that is generic and containerized in such a way that it can scale out.

If you are interested in the fast growing field of big data and analytics, and want to work on big data engineering, building data visualization products and build analytical models (Insights) to power business decisions, then this is the team for you

Your Responsibilities:

  • Technical Guidance : This role will be play the overall engineering lead role for Data & ML platforms for Myntra. You will provide technical leadership to a team of excellent software engineers; this requires that you have the technical depth to make complex design decisions and the hands-on ability to lead by example.
  • Execution and Delivery : You will be expected to instill and follow good software development practices and ensure timely delivery of high-quality products. You should be familiar with agile practices as well as be able to adapt these to the needs of the business, with a constant focus on product quality.
  • Team management : You will be responsible for hiring and mentoring your team; helping individuals grow in their careers, having constant dialogue about their aspirations and sharing prompt, clear and actionable feedback about performance.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Total of 14+ years’ experience, Experience level of 7+ years of experience in very large scale Big Data & Analytics applications and 4 + years’ experience in people management
  • Deep understanding of Architecture and Design of Data Engineering products
  • Strong problem solving skills, data structures and algorithms.
  • Experience with distributed systems handling large amounts of data.
  • Excellent skills in collaborating with business users and designing Data Engineering platforms and Data Delivery platforms
  • Ability to streamline engineering disciplines for the team around rapid development cycles,
    product-ized data & analytics solutions, source control, data security, automated testing,
    automated monitoring for system health and performance, alerting for system / job failures
  • Very good understanding of Open Source technologies in Data & Analytics: MySQL, Pentaho
    stack, Spark, Kafka, Map/Reduce, Hive & Amazon RedShift
  • Knowledge of building and production-izing data science application would be preferred
  • Good understanding of Java/web application architecture would be a plus


  • Technical depth : You have the strong technical competence required to gain credibility. Ability to architect, design and code yourself. Technical experience in building and operating web-based applications. Deep understanding of all layers of the web-stack work (from the client interface to the database. ) Knowledge of multiple technology stacks/languages/tools and their pros/cons.
  • Execution ability : Focus on delivering products in a timely manner with high quality. Familiarity with multiple software development practices and tools, and the proven ability to adapt, champion and institute good practices and tools.
  • You must have a degree in Computer Science or a related field. Strong understanding of
    object-oriented programming, concurrency and fundamentals of computer-science.
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Engineering Director

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