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5 to 9 years
5 to 9 years
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Job Summary:

DevOps Engineer who is ideally a good programmer and knowledge of wide variety of open source technologies and tools. Being comfortable with frequent, incremental code testing and deployment. DevOps Engineer will drive the automation of multiple parts of infrastructure and deployment systems, striving to improve and shorten processes to enable engineering and operations teams work smarter and faster. Design and develop infrastructure interfaces for complex business applications. Contribute ideas for improvements in DevOps practices, delivering innovation through automation.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for implementation and support of application/web server infrastructure for complex business applications
  • Server configuration management, release management, deployments, automation & troubleshooting
  • Set-up and configure Development, Staging, UAT and Production server environment for projects and install/configure all dependencies using the industry best practices
  • Manage Code Repositories
  • Manage, Document, Control and Innovate Development and Release procedure.
  • Configure automated deployment on multiple environment
  • Hands-on working experience of Amazon Web Services, Azure or traditional hosting experience.
  • Knowledge Transfer the implementation to support team and until such time support any production issues
  • Will be responsible for documentation of the implementation
  • Is expected to deliver as planned
  • Expected to work in rotational shifts when required

Experience Guidelines:

  • 5-9 years
  • Strong expertise in Dev Ops tools:
  • Deployment (Chef/Puppet/Ansible /Nebula/Nolio)
  • SCM (TFS, GIT, ClearCase)
  • Build tools (Ant,Maven, Make, Gradle)
  • Artifact repositories (Nexes ,JFrog ArtiFactory)
  • CI tools (Jenkins, TeamCity),

  • Experienced in scripting languages: Python, Ant, Bash and Shell

  • Extensive experience with TFS / Git like distributed version control systems and their use in release management, branching, merging, and integration strategies
  • Extensive understanding of CI best practices and tooling, preferably Jenkins
  • Extensive experience in developing and automating deployment tools
  • Expertise in managing Cloud / VMWare resources and good exposure on Dockers
  • Working knowledge of operating systems( Unix, Linux, IBM AIX)
  • Experience in installation , configuration and managing apache webserver, Tomcat/Jboss
  • Good understanding of JVM, troubleshooting and performance tuning through thread dump and log analysis
  • Backup and restoration of application/web servers data
  • Basic knowledge of network infrastructure for e.g. TCP/IP, DNS, Firewall, router, load balancer etc.
  • Understanding of clusters, Virtual Hosts, JDBC, auto-deployment, session replication, URL redirections, Re-write rules, http-plugins, security certificates, etc.
  • Experience in signing and designing highly available infrastructure
  • Advanced scripting skills to automate jobs (start, stop, recycle, deploy etc.)
  • Security Hardening of application/web server against known/unknown vulnerabilities.
  • Hands on experience of AWS/AZURE to create a network subnets, launch instances, create load balancer in a Production Environment


  • Full time Bachelor’s /Master’s degree (Science or Engineering preferred)

Projects this role will support:

Projects for Clients who are Industry leaders in the fields on Banking, Insurance, Travel and Hospitality, Consumer Packed Good, Retail Sector, Consumer Electronic, Food and Beverages to name a few

Possible career-paths:

  • Dev Ops Engineer / Automation Engineer - will drive the automation of multiple parts of infrastructure and deployment systems. Design and develop infrastructure interfaces for complex business applications.
  • Senior Dev Ops Engineer / Senior Automation Engineer - Architecting and designing high-end, cost effective infrastructure on AWS cloud.
  • Managing platform operations, Production Support Coverage, Management
  • Reporting, Design Documents, Change Management Process
  • Dev Ops Architect / Specialist

  • Solution & technical architecture and accountable for creating the architecture definition, NFRs, Capacity Planning, Performance tuning, Dev Ops pipeline & release management strategy.

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