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ITC Infotech
2 - 10 years
2 - 10 years
apigee developer
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apigee developer

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Job Description

  • Min 5 years of professional work experience as part of an enterprise software company or systems integrator
  • 3+ yrs in IBM API connect.
  • REST application Exp. And Micro service Exp
  • Strong knowledge in working with Web services and API technologies
  • Strong knowledge on securing the web APIs data-integrity/confidentiality
  • Knowledge of API Management concepts and fundamentals.
  • Design, develop, maintain, and deliver highly scalable and reliable APIs
  • Understanding HTTP and HTTPS protocols and basic knowledge on HTTP headers, request/response, XML/JSON data structure, SOAP/REST services
  • Experience with XPath, RegEx, HTTP status codes, GET/POST methods, CRUD operations
  • Experience on any enterprise service bus product and/or JMS messaging.
  • Clear grasp of SDLC principles and best practices
  • Working experience and knowledge of API Gateway
  • Good communication skills and extensive experience working with technical teams and management
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ITC Infotech   •   Bengaluru