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Data Scientist

1 to 5 years
1 to 5 years
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  About opportunity

At Wynk Limited, we have a tremendous and rewarding challenge of facilitating music and video consumption for over 40 million users and growing at hyper rate.

Experience: 1-5 years

Reporting to: CTO - Wynk

Job Location: Gurgaon

  • Do you get a kick out of partnering with business leaders and unearthing actionable insights that lead to significant business impact on millions of users?
  • Do you enjoy breaking down unstructured business problems into tractable problems?
  • Do you enjoy dealing with unknowns and take pride in bringing clarity to an uncertain situation using data?
  • Do you dream of improving the experience of millions of consumers using machine learning?

Our mission is to turn terabytes of data into insights and get a deep understanding of usage patterns to transform the strategy and direction of Wynk Music and Airtel TV platform. You will and bring data and insights into every decision we make. Your work will directly impact the way the Indians listen to music or watch videos.
If so, we would like you to join us on an exciting journey to create significant business impact using data.


  • Use your expertise indata miningto study user behavior, strategic initiatives, markets, content and uncover actionable insights
  • Primary work area –Personalizationof Content, Learning to Rank, Churn Prediction and Content Categorization
  • Partner closely with product engineering to design, run and analyze A/B and multivariate hypothesis tests aimed at optimizing customer experience, business KPIs and product funnels.
  • Influence business decisions using data
  • Partner with engineering to spot opportunities and build solutions for improving data driven decision making and Wynk/Airtel TV user experience

Minimum Qualifications

  • 3+ years of experience with data analysis
  • BE/BTech from a Tier 1 college (IIT/ISI/NIT/BITS/BIT/IIIT)
  • Good command over Python
  • Must be fluent with SQL

Preferred Qualifications

  • MS or Ph.D. in Computer Science / Statistics / Applied Mathematics
  • Strong in statistical &machine learning concepts
  • Knowledge of Python Libraries - Scikit-learn, Pandas, IPython,Scipy, Numpy, Tensorflow, Keras , matplotlib, Pytorch
  • Strong Python skills for data wrangling / analysis / visualization / modeling
  • Experience with distributed big data processing (Hive / Spark)
  • Decent hands-on using Neural Networks (e.g. RankNet) and NLP(e.g. Word2Vec)
  • Deployed at least one industrial project using supervised / unsupervised machine learning
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Hiring Team
Sudipta Banerjee and other hiring team at Wynk in Gurgaon

Sudipta Banerjee

Working for companies like Wynk Music with 14+ years experience

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Data Scientist

Wynk   •   Gurgaon