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Data Scientist

Samsung R&D
8 to 17 years
8 to 17 years
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  About opportunity

General Description Position Summary:

As a Data Scientist you would be responsible to synthesize, leverage, organize and wrangle our/third party massive dataset of ecommerce products, app usage etc. to get actionable insights from them. This may include finding innovative ways to combine fields of data that don’t naturally mesh together Technical Leadership:

  • Extract, analyze and normalize non homogeneous data from various sources
  • Analyze data and come up with solutions using available tools or programming languages-
  • Use algorithms and programming to efficiently go through large datasets and apply treatments, filters and conditions to your data.
  • Work on text mining/data modeling/predictive modeling/ topic modeling/ sentiment analysis
  • Work in all phases of modeling process: research design, data extraction and cleaning, data normalization, model building and validation
  • Work with various deep learning models
  • Deploy, test and iterate with architecture models/algorithms based on both in-house and open source and guide team to select best approach for production deployment
  • Create meaningful data visualizations that communicate your findings and relate them back to how your insights create business impact
  • Identify market trends Necessary Skills / Attributes Essential Job


  • Education (Degree/Major) PHD or a Master degree in Computer Science Experience
  • 5-10 years of relevant experience in developing platforms for large scale data processing and implementing machine and deep learning algorithms.
  • 3-5 years’ experience in in area(s) of statistical analysis/ modeling/ text mining/sentiment analysis/supervised and unsupervised learning

Required Skills

  • Excellent programming skills in Java and Python, Spark, Hadoop,
  • Visualization – ExtJS, Kibana
  • Statistics, Probability, ML, R
  • Experience in working with large scale distributed computing platforms such as Hadoop, Spark and Storm
  • Excellent communication, analytical and problem solving skills
  • Extreme attention to details and strong organization skills

Samsung R&D Institute

Bangalore is one of Samsung’s Research & Development centers among other global R&D hubs. We develop software for Samsung’s technology solutions across different products and our engineers are involved in many of Samsung’s strategic and important projects. SRI-B is the largest R&D center outside Korea for Samsung Electronics and we take pride in our ability to work on some of the cutting edge technologies that our parent organization ventures into. Our 4000+ engineers get to work across diverse domains, projects, products, clients, people and countries, and also conduct research in new and emerging areas of technology. Innovation and creativity are highly valued at SRI-B as we strive towards providing high reliability; high performance and value added services that enable Samsung Electronics deliver world class products. Samsung places great emphasis on the creation and protection of Intellectual Property. In 2010 Samsung was awarded 4,551 patents by the US Trademark and Patent Office and ranked second on the world’s most inventive companies list. At SRI-B we started filing patents in 2003 and till date we have filed more than 600 patent applications with the Indian Patent Office. As of today SRI-B has more than 100 granted patents in India.

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Hiring Team
Giridhar Jakki and other hiring team at Samsung R&D in Bengaluru

Giridhar Jakki

Director, Head of Voice Intellignece (Bixby) Services at Samsung R&D with 21+ years of experience

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Data Scientist

Samsung R&D   •   Bengaluru