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Data Scientist - NLP

8+ years
8+ years
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  About opportunity

Excited by AI and Machine Learning Software? Interested in creating new state-of-the-art solutions using Machine Learning. The AI/ML team in Bangalore is developing client facing products with AI/ML at its core. The long-term product scope would be building a portfolio of AI/ML driven intelligent applications that result in better personalization, customer and content insights.

As a part of this, we need experienced individuals focusing on research and development of Natural Language methods for processing huge amount of text.

What you get to do in this role:

  • Develop NLP algorithms that utilize deep learning.
  • Create experiments, algorithms and prototypes that not only yield high-accuracy but are also designed and engineered to scale.
  • Collaborate across multiple research and engineering disciplines, making the tradeoffs required to rapidly deliver software solutions for a Deep Text system

In order to be successful in this role, we need someone who has:

  • 8+ overall industry experience with atleast 4+ years in applying natural language principles to real world applications.
  • Broad NLP knowledge: tokenisation, part-of-speech tagging, dependency parsing, syntactic parsing, word sense disambiguation, topic modeling; contextual text mining, Word embedding
  • Broad Machine Learning experience - Algorithm Evaluation, Preparation, Analysis, Modeling and Execution.
  • Deep Learning Expertise - CNNs, LSTMs, network architecture, network tuning, transfer learning, multi-task learning
  • Experience in using Tensorflow, Caffe and/or other neural network development frameworks.
  • Exposure to Open source NLP libraries e.g. NLTK, Regex, Stanford NLP, OpenNLP/CoreNLP
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Data Scientist - NLP

Adobe   •   Bengaluru