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Data Scientist

5 - 9 years
5 - 9 years
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Job description

If you are someone who is inclined around algorithms and a strong background in machine learning and statistics, you would be excited to collaborate with us on decoding fashion via cutting love to have team!
Myntra is a one stop shop for all your fashion and lifestyle needs. Being India’s largest store for fashion and lifestyle products, Myntra aims at providing a hassle free and enjoyable shopping experience to shoppers across the country with the widest range of brands and products on offer, from India & across the world. With an array of innovative solutions like Try & Buy, Sale previews, In-house data sciences team which conducts research to decode fashion profiles of Indian customers.
This helps fashion selling and buying happen on a mobile device? This is achieved by detecting implicit signals around consumers fashion taste, intent, etc from the huge amount of browsing and buying data we generate.
Data Sciences team at Myntra uses data and algorithms to build large scale systems to enable better decision making for the business as well as render better customer experience. Some of the areas of our focus are Personalisation, Pricing, Demand Sensing, Recommendation Systems, Search etc.

Some of the cool things we are working on !

  • Decoding Fashion Contexts using Word Embeddings.
  • Building novel algorithms for fashion Personalization & Recommendations.
  • Building dynamic pricing models and novel metrics to evaluate to improve experience.
  • Building prediction models to improve delivery promise times
  • Building optimization models to improve supply chain costs

Roles & Responsibilities :-

As a data scientist, you will have the opportunity to leverage Myntra’s rich data to develop data products that are used by millions of users and propel the growth of our business. You will collaborate with a strong team of engineers, product managers and fellow data scientists in defining the frontier of data products. Data scientists will work on how to evaluate potential approaches, build features, statistical/machine learning models and determine metrics. You will communicate insights/recommendations to a wide spectrum of stakeholders across the company.

An Ideal Candidate for the role:

  • Advanced degree in the quantitative field preferred.
  • 5+ years industry experience developing machine learning models at scale from inception to business impact.
  • Deep understanding of modern machine learning techniques and their mathematical underpinnings such as classification, recommendation systems , and natural language processing.
  • Proven ability to tailor machine learning solutions to business problems in a cross-functional team.
  • Experience with distributed machine learning and computing framework (Spark, Hadoop, Mahout or equivalent) . Applied experience preferred.
  • Strong programming skill (Python, R, or Scala preferred). Experience productionizing machine learning model is a plus. High proficiency in at least one of the following broad areas: a. Machine learning , Statistical modeling/inference , Information retrieval, Data mining ,NLP .
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Data Scientist

Myntra   •   Bengaluru