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Data Scientist

L and T Infotech
4 to 9 years
4 to 9 years
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  About opportunity

  • Advanced level proficiency with statistical, machine learning modelling techniques such as regression, decision trees, neural networks, support vector machines, supervised/unsupervised clustering techniques, experimental test design, etc.
  • Expert theoretical knowledge of machine learning modelling techniques and advanced applied skills in developing predictive targeting models within distributed computing platforms such as Hadoop, AWS, Azure, GCP using one or more tools like Spark, Scala, SAS, R, Python, Bayesian, H2O, Storm, Yarn, Kafka
  • Must have experience in statistical programming in R, Python, TensorFlow. SAS/SPSS/MATLAB are plus
  • Experience in Text extraction from different source even from physical scanned document, Text Analytics
  • Expertise in Teradata SQL
  • Experience working in a Unix/Linux environment for automating processes with shell scripting
  • Superior analytical skill combined with business discipline. Ability to perform insightful and actionable quantitative and qualitative analysis of the business.
  • Build deep partnerships with business, product management, and technology leaders
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills coupled with demonstrated prior leadership within large teams
  • SQL: Data Warehouse, Teradata SQL
  • Big Data: Azure Storage, experience in any one flavor – Cloudera/Hortonwork/MapR
  • Reporting: Power BI, Excel
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Hiring Team
Madhusudan Singh and other hiring team at L and T Infotech in International

Madhusudan Singh

Working at companies like delphi, visteon, bosch engineering and business solutions and has worked on Programming, Product Development, Nonlinear and Intelligent Control

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Data Scientist

L and T Infotech   •   International