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Data Scientist

2 to 8 years
2 to 8 years
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  • 4+ years of medium/large scale server-side software development experience
  • Knowledge of working with at least any one database or search engine or data pipeline
  • Proficient with Python programming language
  • Experienced in Data Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing
  • Experienced with Python ML libraries - numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, tensorflow, etc.
  • Experienced in writing Unit, Functional & Regression tests
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of any one of C++ or Java is a plus
  • Knowledge of Functional Programming concepts is a plus
  • Knowledge of distributed algorithms is a plus
  • Handy with the shell and automation tools
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (or equivalent)


  • Work with the rest of the team in developing product features that get delivered to 500M+ monthly active users
  • Design and develop systems that can scale to 10K+ rps
  • Write design specifications, figure out test, deployment and scaling plans
  • Tune existing systems for performance and handling failure
  • Benchmarking model size, loading, latency, etc. at scale
  • Write code and review other people’s code
  • Mentor juniors in the team
  • Establish and implement best practices around software development and delivery
  • Keep calm and learn everyday
  • Exploring data to find patterns
  • Read and implement research papers
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Hiring Team
Yash Gandhi and other hiring team at Helpshift in Pune

Yash Gandhi

Head of Data Science at Helpshift with 7+ years of experience

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Data Scientist

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