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Data Scientist

3 to 14 years
3 to 14 years
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About Data Sciences at Flipkart:
The Data Sciences team at Flipkart is on a mission to build systemic intelligence across Flipkart products and the overarching ecosystem. Being India’s largest online marketplace and the most used e-commerce app in India, places Flipkart in a unique position and gives this team a distinctive opportunity — to decipher the richest possible data about Indian consumers. Add the dimension of a vast product selection and a proliferating seller base to that and what you get is a multitude of disruptive possibilities.

In a nutshell, the terabytes of daily data compounded in Flipkart’s data centers offer a dynamic mix of numerical, structured, unstructured, image- and audio-based statistics, all set to define shopping in the future.

What this job entails:
The pool of data available at Flipkart forms the foundation to solve some present and predictable challenges for shoppers in India. As a Data Scientist you will be working on:

  • Product discovery along with personalization and intent modeling
  • Demand shaping and planning
  • Heterogeneous networks for consumer, product and seller interactions
  • Customer insights
  • Catalog enhancement and product insights
  • Customer emotion detection and right response matching
  • Fulfillment automation
  • Optimization of last mile delivery
  • Fraud modeling

Associations and collaborations:
The Flipkart Data Science team is also leveraging partnerships with Indian and foreign universities — like CMU, IIT’s, IISc and IIIT’s — for developing class-leading solutions in the e-commerce sector

At Flipkart, the work of a Data Scientist involves collaboration with the engineering and product teams to ensure a holistic outcome at the product delivery. The flat functional structure within Flipkart engineering enables data scientists to focus on excellence and create a deep sense of ownership at every stage of work.

Data Sciences techniques at Flipkart span classification, clustering, matrix factorization, graphical models, networks and graph algorithms, topic modeling, image processing, deep learning and NLP — each one of them being applied across large scale initiatives.

If you aspire to redefine ‘state-of-the-art’ and create an impact on India’s shopping landscape, Flipkart Data Science Organization offers the podium to solve challenging real-world problems and take a giant leap in your career as a Data Scientist.

Qualifications and experience:
B.Tech/M.Tech/PhD in CS/Statistics with demonstrable experience through
publications/deployed solutions/projects. Experience of over 8 years.

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Hiring Team
Ravi Vijayaraghavan and other hiring team at Flipkart in Bangalore

Ravi Vijayaraghavan

Head Vice President at Flipkart with 23+ years of experience

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Data Scientist

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