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Data Scientist

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2 - 7 years
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  About opportunity

Dailyhunt is India’s #1, News and local language content discovery application which offers 250,000+ new news and content artifacts every-day in 14 languages licensed from over 1000+ publication partners. Our mission is to be - the Indic platform empowering a billion Indians to discover, consume and socialize with content that informs, enriches and entertains. The Dailyhunt group has 206 Million monthly active users and Dailyhunt platform has 153 Million monthly active users. The time spent per daily active user is 27 minutes per user per day consuming over 15 Billion-page views of content and 2 Billion+ video views per month. It’s unique machine learning and deep learning technology enables smart curation of content and tracks user preferences to deliver real-time, personalised content and notifications.

Dailyhunt app is available on Android, iOS & Windows platforms and it is available on mobile web as well. Dailyhunt’s investors include Matrix Partners India, Sequoia, Omidyar Network,Falcon Edge and Bytedance. We are headquartered out of Bangalore, India with offices in Mumbai & Gurgaon.

Some key roles that we are hiring for are given below:

  • Work towards building new products and enriching existing ones on ML/NLP
  • Propose new Solutions using ML/NLP and build them out Problem statements that we work on:
  • Extract Insights from news article text in multiple Indian Languages
  • Named Entity and Key Phrase Extraction
  • Modelling Users Behavior on DailyHunt App
  • Recommend Personalized content to users on DailyHunt App
  • CTR and Page View Optimization on DailyHunt App
  • Extract Insights from Images in News Articles

What we are looking for:

  • Prog Languages : Python (Pandas / Numpy), Java
  • DS/Algo/Prob : Good Knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithm Design.
  • Optimize Data Structures for Time and Space Efficiency.
  • Probability & Statistics : Probability Distributions, Sampling Methods, Estimation Methods, Hypothesis testing etc , Descereptive statistics .
  • Tools and Frameworks : NLTK, GATE , Stanford NLP suite , Weka , Scikit-learn , Gensim, TensorFlow , Caffe , Keras UnSupervised / SemiSupervised and BootStrap
  • Methods : We have to deal with scarcity of Training Data , so Good understanding of these methods will be plus.
  • Deep Learning : Understanding of deep learning models applied to NLP and Images. Neural Networks, Word embeddings, sequence learning, RNN ,CNN , Transfer Learning.
  • NLP : Statistical NLP Models , Pos Tagging , Parsing , Sequence Tagging, Word Sense Disambiguation , Language Models , Topic Modelling ,
  • NER ML : Linear regression , Logistic Regression , Naive Bayes , SVM , Decision Trees , Random Forest , Boosting , Bagging , HMM , CRF ,LSI/LDA , Clustering ,
    UnSupervised / SemiSupervised Method , Optimization Methods

An Ideal candidate should have

  • 2-4 years of working experience in ML/NLP programming.
  • Be able to understand the business problems and propose new solutions
  • Should be familiar with the Maths involved in some of the above mentioned skills.
  • Be able to do literature survey of latest research in ML/NLP/DL and come up with solutions.
  • Strong communication skills, verbal and written

Good to Have :

  • Experience in multilingual NLP , specifically Indian language NLP
  • Familiarity with large scale Data processing tools , Hadoop/Mapreduce/Spark Ecosystem , NoSql databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Elastic Search.
  • Experience with high volume web application, web service development with Java/J2EE/Spring framework or Django/Flask is a plus.
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Data Scientist

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